Thursday, February 26, 2015

The awesome #ProjectScouted sponsors – Brendon Kader, co-owner of #Hashtag Social Restaurant and Bar and Dental Fix

Durban entrepreneur, Brendon Kader, is not just innovative when it comes to his business ventures, but also generous. #Hashtag Social Restaurant and Bar was one of the main venues used in last year’s Project and will be again this year. Having held the Open Casting here on 21 February, the first phase and the launch of the Project will take place on 28 February here as well. As Brendon put it, combining #Hashtag and #ProjectScouted is really a “no-brainer”. And also to keep up the girls winning smiles, Brendon has also brought his new enterprise Dental Fix into the mix.

1.    Having hosted #ProjectScouted at #Hashtag last year, what made you want to come back this year and bring another of your companies on board as a sponsor?
The founder of #ProjectScouted, Lee Folkard, and I have always had a good relationship when it comes to his crazy ideas surrounding photography and events. #Hashtag is a venue for all things social, put those two together and it’s a no-brainer really. We couldn’t not be a part of the Project again this year!

2.    How did you get involved in the Project last year?
#Hashtag was a venue for one of the first shoots, where we provided the girls and crew with food and drinks as well as a DJ to set the mood on the Saturday morning. At the end of the Project, we also had all the guys back for a prize-giving and party.

3.    What do you think is the best aspect of the Project?
This platform allows for aspiring young ladies to get a taste of the modelling industry working with some of Durban’s most talented photographers.

4.    What was the inspiration behind opening #Hashtag?
Times are changing; people don’t want the same thing anymore. Clubbers are no longer, they have evolved into Socialites, who do things differently. Food, fun and “dance if you want to” are the ways of the world now. So we’ve tried to combine online with offline and give Durban a fresh approach to a night out.

5.    And the inspiration behind Dental Fix?
We saw a gap in the market with regards to dental practice in the city and decided to open our own dental franchise called Dental Fix. Our first practise opens on 1st March 2015 at Shop 47e Almill Centre, 47 Ashley Avenue, Glenashley. We plan on opening 5 additional practices in 2015.

6.    The girls and scouts are going to be ecstatic to hear of the prizes you will be sponsoring at each phase of the Project. Would you like to reveal anything about those prizes?
Dental Fix is giving away a cleaning to each phase winner and their scout. Once the Project is concluded, we will give a teeth whitening procedure to the overall winner and their scout.

7.    What is a typical day like for you? How do you balance everything?
I don’t. It balances me. I guess the only way to explain it, is prioritizing. Do what needs doing now, NOW. There is no other way.

8.    Do you have any surprises coming up for Durban? Any new ventures on the horizon?
All I will say is; watch this space, there is a lot in the pipe line.

You definitely don’t want to miss out on Phase One and the launch of the Project happening at #Hashtag on 28 February starting at 14:00 with Just Green on the decks providing the music!

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