Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Loss = Life

"Loss is a part of life.

You can't really care for something or someone until you realize that one day, they may be gone.

And when they do go, we feel as if everything goes with them and we feel like we'll never really care about anything again.

But we do.

And we discover that that loss was a gift, that helps us appreciate all of the things we still have."

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The importance of proper undergarments

I read a lot of blogs; photography, fashion, models, art; all things of interest basically.
I came across an interesting article on undergarments worn when doing a shoot or fashion show.
As I have encountered situations whereby the person I was photographing had worn very unflattering underwear - I figured let me share this with you all.

Article by: Rachel Jay | Chicago Modeling Examiner

One of the most common new model mistakes is not having proper undergarments, but proper undergarments are important for all models.

It is rare that a designer wants their garments modeled with visible panty lines, or bra straps showing, and it is rare that a photographer working on a project for a client (or for personal reasons) wants to see the same. Models need to make sure they are fully prepared when it comes to undergarments when they pack for a shoot, even if wardrobe is being provided.

To start, every model should have at the very least a nude thong, a nude bra, and a nude strapless bra, all seamless and properly fitting. Nude undergarments are essentials for modeling and ensure that the wardrobe looks best without a distracting bright color or crazy pattern peeking though. Sometimes, a look calls for that, but more often than not, it's a distraction and majorly takes away from the shot, because it's an amateur mistake (often made on both sides of the camera). Patterned bras and brightly colored panties should be left for lingerie shoots and personal use only.
A nude thong is also essential for wardrobe to ensure there are no visible panty lines. In most cases, it is preferable for a garment to hang as seamless as possible, and wearing a properly fitting thong (not one that digs in and causes additional lines at the hip) is essential to keeping undergarment lines to a minimum. And, of course, you want the thong to be nude to make certain no crazy colors or patterns show through.

In addition to a nude thong and the 2 nude bras, a black strapless bra might come in handy. Also, in some cases, the bra-less look might be called for, but a photographer or designer might wish to hide erect nipples. If this is the case, having a pair of reusable silicone pasties is helpful. They are easy to carry and can be tossed in a bag easily, which means they should also be a staple.

Having the proper undergarments, which fit perfect, ensure a model looks her best while modeling. Making sure she has these things is important, especially for new models, because being properly prepared will go a long way to help a new model build a reputation as a professional.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Project One Winner - Roxi Richards [ The Q & A Session ]

25 Days | 3381 New Lee Folkard Photography Page Members | 5186 Votes | One Winner!

Introducing, Roxi Richards.

Congratulations and well done on securing the number one spot after a 25 day Project, with two phases!

How have the last few weeks been for you?
Exciting, sleep deprivation at its maximum, enjoyed the entire process though!

You were leading after phase 1 - did you expect to stay in the lead and win the project in phase 2?
I did not win by very many votes in phase one so it was a close competition throughout.

What has been the best part about being in Project One?
I made so many new friends, meeting the top 10 girls at the photo shoot, they all great

Did you enjoy the Top 10 shoot, what was memorable from that day?
Yes I did enjoy it – lots of fun and not forgetting the cold. The location was great and having Lee who is a professional taking my pictures was awesome.

So you've won - what now?
I plan to take this a little further and try and get my foot into the door to the world of modeling, update my portfolio etc

Did you get a lot of random friend request and messages during the project? Anything or anyone come to mind?
Yes, made lots of friends and thank you to all those who voted for me. Not forgetting “Keenan James” haha, won’t forget that guy

You received a lot of help from friends and family - name 3 of the people you'd like to give a special thanks to?
My mum - she got every1 at work to vote 4 me, which I truly appreciate, even those that became new facebook users.

All my friends helped in a big way but I’d like to thank CHEVAUN LINDERBOOM, she played a big part in the comp, got me loads of votes..Even got strangers to vote. Few girls from the top 10 also showed their support by voting for me as well, thanks ladies.

Complete the sentences:

Tevin Jina came second because… she is a beautiful young lady and worked hard throughout the project. I think she gave off her best to all tasks that were given to her and this is evident in her poll position.

Your best physical feature is your… nose

You're single because… mmm, who said I’m single haha ? I want to concentrate on my studies and career

Project One… -has given me a platform from which good things can begin

Your favorite movie is… - disturbia

What surprised you most about the Project?
That so many people supported me and that I got more than 400 votes..wow!
First 3 words that come to mind when I say:

Roxi Richards – shy ,active ,considerate
Global Warming - carbon ,drought ,famine
Africa - naturalistic, poverty, aids
Eminem - successful, ambitious, vulgar

Why doesn't glue stick to the bottle?
Lol not again haha, but this time i'll answer with confidence ;), the glue will probably stick to the bottle if it has a chance to dry. Since the bottle is always kept closed when the glue isn't being dispensed, the glue doesn't dry out. But if you open the bottle and leave it open long enough for the glue to dry out, it will probably stick to the bottle pretty well!

Any last words?
Yes, it was a privilege to be a part of project one, I am truly thankful! All the ladies that were apart of top 10 are really gorgeous and we are all winners because we all went the extra mile to get votes, we were all determined to win. So well done to all.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Roxi Richards - Lee Folkard Photography's Project One Winner!