Thursday, August 30, 2018

#ProjectScouted Cycle 4 - What you need to know!

Hi, Welcome, Hello.

You need to be 16 and older. 

No guys. (soz)

It is a Durban project. It lasts approximately 3 months - should you make it to the end. If you live anywhere else and are able to get to Durban for the phases over the 3 months - welcome. 

Your IG account MUST BE on PUBLIC for the duration of the project! 

Ways to increase your chances of getting scouted: 
1. Upload an image to your IG story and tag: @projectscouted and #ProjectScouted.
2. Upload an image on your IG account tagging @projectscouted and captioning it: I wanna be in #ProjectScouted
3. DM a scout. 
The scouts are all going to be listed on the @projectscouted IG account. 

Word of advice: 
You can be approached by numerous scouts - But only sign up with one! 
Choose a scout that best suits you. Your scout will be your point of contact throughout the entire project. 

Once you get scouted - your scout will send you a form.
Fill in the form and return it to the scout ASAP.
The form has further instructions. 

Thank you.