Thursday, October 31, 2019

#ProjectScouted : Phase 7

If you've made it to phase 7- Congratulations.

Theme: In Black and White We Trust

Call time: Arrive at 09:00

Venue: Studio 031  (Please tag: @studio031 and #studio031 in all posts on day)

Address: 39 station drive, Durban

Outfit: the outfits can vary from jeans with a white button up , over sized jerseys , jeans with a sports bra, sun dresses,  and with your feet you can choice between no shoes or sneaker i.e vans ,
just think tumblr / I own an open plan apartment 

Hair: Please wash your hair the night before it just helps the hair team with work flow

Makeup: SOMA will be doing your makeup for this phase (please arrive fresh faced with NO makeup), If you can, please bring lashes with. If not - It's not an issue

Vibe: there will be two shots I’ll be aiming for , the one will be like a desk set up as if this was your desk in your apartment with props to compliment the scene , the other with be a plain ole wooden chair but this is where I want to test your modelling skill because all you’ll have is the chair and yourself. Please stay around for some video we may need you for after your images have been taken. 

Phase Photographer: Riccardo Annandale “ pavement special “ (let's help him get to 3000 followers , share his page and his band page on your stories @wearesouthwolves


Little message from Ricks

Hey hey, well done on making this far I’m super excited to be creating art with you amazing people , little heads up I can be grumpy at times so bring the positivity and I’ll surely reflect it back , but the most important thing about this shoot is to be utterly professional or your shots will be out of focus on purpose, nah just kidding.
I really want you ladies to be relaxed and ready to show off who you are x

Thursday, October 24, 2019

#ProjectScouted : Phase 6

Congratulations TOP 50 Cycle 5

Theme: The Aviator

Call time: Arrive at 9 AM promptly

Venue: Virginia Airport (Hangar 8) 
Ground Rules for Venue: 
Please DO NOT TOUCH the planes

            Think VINTAGE
            Eg. 3 quarter skirts, button ups, gloves, socks/stocking, silk dresses, faux fur etc.

Hair: Will be styled for you on the day (please come with clean hair washed the night before)

Makeup: SOMA will be doing your makeup for this phase (please arrive fresh faced with NO makeup)

Vibe: think vintage 40’s (see inspo images - for INSPO NOT CLOTHES)

Phase Photographer: Courtney Warren (back by popular demand) 

Message from Courtney:

Hey girls, well done to all of you for making it this far! I am SO excited to get to shoot with you all again and I hope you are too!
The theme this phase is the aviator (if you are scared of heights maybe take a rescue before you arrive 😉). I want you to think VINTAGE, old school vibes and bring something unique and different. I’m not going to help out with poses as much as I did at the fitness phase, so come ready and creative. You will be getting TWO photos. There will be a variety of props, some HUGE and some small, don’t be afraid to use them.
Cant wait – see you Sunday.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

#ProjectScouted - Phase 5

If you've made it to phase five - Congratulations.

Theme: The Artist

Time: Arrive at 8:30 AM

Venue: Prodigy Coffee & SHF

Address: 7 Tetford Circle, Umhlanga

Outfit: Plain white T, denim bottoms (shorts, jeans .... think artsy)

Hair: Either leave hair down or messy bun

Makeup: SOMA will be doing your makeup for this phase (please arrive fresh faced with NO makeup)

Vibe: Again think artist...

Phase Photographer: Byron Bowler (let's help him get to 2,000 followers - share his page on your stories for bonus points*)


Message from Byron:


Congrats on making it this far.
I'm excited for this phase because this is gonna be a something different and fun (challenge accepted).
Just a side note that you will need to do something extra to stand out this phase.
There will be props so don't be afraid to use them.
Poses will also be different than normal.
You will need to either sit, kneel or lay down for this phase (yes the floor will be clean)
I will take 2 pics of you, think up something fun (please more than one facial expression would be nice too hehe).
See you on Saturday.


* there is no such thing as bonus points