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"When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor."

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Break bread with KZN's beloved Born 'n Bread BB Bakeries

The #SomeBunnyToLove food truck by BB Bakeries is back with more flavour and fun in 2019
BB Bakeries #SomeBunnyToLove food truck is back this July to celebrate all things Born 'n Bread in KZN - just like the quality local bread - and this year they ain't loafing around. 

Following its 2018 fame, the colourful and flavourful food truck and BB team, have upped their game with new additions to the menu, and a keen focus on supporting local artists and businesses.  There are plenty of plans to celebrate and have fun with locals this Winter!

When it comes to the menu, the  BB Bakeries team will be serving up 'BB Bunny Chow Classics' - a KZN favourite in Mutton, Chicken or Bean, and   a side of Cheesy BB Bread Sticks. 

Those wanting a smaller portion of the good stuff,  can opt for  the 'BB Squares Rising Star' - a curry filled, deep fried BB Squares snack. And for those with a sweet tooth, the 'BB Squares Encore' is just for you; a dessert filled deep fried BB Square served with whipped cream and butterscotch sauce, with the option of a raisin and cinnamon, or baked apple and cinnamon filling. 

The BB Bakeries team is supported by the award-winning Bunny Chow masters from the BP Waterloo who will be crafting the daily freshly-made curries that they are so loved for.

Staying true to its well-established heritage, BB Bakeries is all about supporting what's local and loved in KZN. 

When it comes to entertainment this year, the BB Bakeries team is focused on giving local performers - new and established - a stage on which to shine. Not only does the truck still don its built in Curryoke fun to let KZNers show off their skills but the team has partnered up with local music talent to keep fans entertained along its route this July. The likes of Easy Freak, Holly Rey, Robin Third Floor and more will be performing with the truck while the team serves up delicious treats. 

"At BB Bakeries we believe that a meal is nothing without family-fun connections and entertainment. As a local brand we value celebrating the quality, local talent and businesses that KZN has to offer," explains BB Bakeries Senior Brand Manager, Trisha Chetty.

BB Bakeries is so fond of local artists that they have created the BB Bakeries Born 'n Bread Local Hunt for up and coming performers. One lucky KZN muso who wants to launch their live act, stands to win R5000 in cash and the chance to perform at the Suncoast Sunday Beats Event on 28 July. Visit the BB Bakeries social pages for information on how to enter.

Adding to the food and entertainment flavour, the truck itself is quite a bold sight, making it easy to spot and intriguing to visit. Sing your heart out in the Curryoke video booth, or and take a pic inside the ultimate Bunny-Booth, which is literally a giant half loaf photo booth. Snap a picture of you and your Bunny and share on Instagram by following and tagging @BunnyChowLove, or on Facebook @BBBakeries using 

Come break bread with BB Bakeries at any one of these locations during July:
Florida Exchange (behind Starbucks): 2nd  - 14th  July (Closed on Mondays)
Live performances include:
3rd July: Jonty Hartwig and Easy Freak
5th July: Robin 3rd Floor
12th July: Holly Rey
Chatsworth Centre: 16th  - 27th July (Closed on Mondays)
Live Performances and Talent Competition
20th July: Celestial Mic and Deshan Styler
Suncoast Sunday Beats 
28th July: Perfomance by Winner of BB Bakeries Born 'n Bread Local Hunt to open Suncoast Sunday Beast Session

Be sure to follow the #SomeBunnyToLove food truck  on Facebook @BBBakeries or Instagram @BunnyChowLovethrough the month of July for updates on times to catch our local talent performing.
Don't miss out - the #SomeBunnyToLove food truck is quite literally the best thing since sliced bread.

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