Thursday, October 25, 2018

#ProjectScouted : Phase 7 : Brief

Congrats! You've made the Top 15

Meet at SOMA on Florida Road for makeup: 8:30 AM

Once your makeup is done we will move onto venue which is in Hillcrest (exact address - please ask your scout) 
Closed shoot and NOT open to the public. 

We want to move in batches - so the first 8 girls should be done at 10:30 - and we will try all leave to the haunted house at the same time. If you don't have transport - please let us know so we can ask team members with cars to help carpool...

the photographer: Jordan Milton

hair by: Nikolas Michael Salon , DJ Hairdressing & Blu Gel Hair Studio

Dress code: White/Cream long flowy dresses... (Shoes not needed for the shots - but you may wear whatever shoes you wish to)

Thank you - If you have any other questions - Please contact your scout.

See you Sunday.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

#ProjectScouted : Phase 6 : Brief

Congrats! You've made the Top 30.

The Fashion Show Phase

The Designers: Wae West & Kattwalk Clothing

The Venue: Views at Twenty5

Makeup: SOMA

Hair: Nikolas Michael, DJ Hairdressing & Blu Gel Hair Studio

DJ's: Dj Carly O & Dj Wayniac

Live Performance Artist: Styles

Please arrive in either blue jeans and a white t-shirt or black leggings and a black t-shirt

Message from the hair stylists:
Wash hair the night before

Message from the designers:
From Katt:
Black bra
Beige Bra
Boobtube bra or sticky bra
Beige or Black g-string
Black high heels

From Gen:
We don't expect you to go out and buy any of these and we will work around what you have;
Chicken fillet bras and various bra options in strapless, nude, white or black.
Ankle boots
Heels or wedges for height
(anything loud or colorful as well as well as basics like black or nude)
Please don't bring shoes that are dirty or too scuffed. Clean them the day before.
Denim shorts, skirts and jeans - just in case my bottoms don't fit.
Panties that won't show lines through slinky fabrics like seamless or g-string
Cute socks and any cool or interesting stockings.

It is a long day - We start at 09:00 AM
There's a lot to get done.
Makeup, Hair, Fittings, Walk practice... pictures...lots of pictures.

Then the show:

Proposed time of show is 14:30 for 15:00 (fingers crossed)

You are more than welcome to invite friends and family to come and watch the show.

If you have any further questions - please ask your scout. See you Sunday.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

#ProjectScouted : Phase 5 : Brief

Congrats! You've made the Top 45.

the Theme: Fitness Attire (Gym or Yoga)

the Venue: Florida Road Park (area opposite where Spiga used to be)

times: 8:00 am slot & 9:00 am slot (meet at park - ON TIME)

Makeup: SOMA (please arrive with NO makeup on)

Hair: Messy/Tied up (away from face) If possible.

Your fitness instructor: Ryan Francis 

Official photographers: Ridhwaan & Nilufer Yucel


1. Arrive at your time slot (ten minutes early would be great)
2. Listen to instructions from instructor
3. Head to SOMA - a short walk away.
4. Get makeup done.
5. Take a picture with Nilufer at SOMA
6. Head back to the park for your picture by Ridhwaan
7. That's it. Chill, take pictures, find the video people. Post, Post, Post.

Outfit ideas:

It may be a good idea to practice some "fitness" poses.... (google is your friend)

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

#ProjectScouted : Phase 4 : Brief

Congrats! You've made it to the Top 70.

The Theme: All White

The Venue: Prodigy Coffee
Address: 7 Tetford Circle, Umhlanga
We will also be making use of the amazing SHF furniture store


Time: There will be two groups (your scout will have your time slot)

Makeup: SOMA : School of Makeup Artistry joins the project!
Arrive with NO makeup on. Fresh-faced and SOMA will get your shoot ready!

Hair: Anything goes

Your official phase four photographers are: Nilufer Yucel (Involved in Cycle 1,2,3 & 4) & Jerome Govender (Part of Cycle 3 & 4)

 Steps on the day:

1. Arrive on time
take pictures and post stories tagging the relevant people
2. Sign in with Sansha
take pictures and post stories tagging the relevant people
3. Get your makeup done with one of the SOMA students
take pictures and post stories tagging the relevant people
4. Go get your pictures taken by the TWO official photographers (You MUST get photographed by BOTH of them)
take pictures and post stories tagging the relevant people
5. You're free to chill, hangout, have coffee, explore the massive furniture store. Look out for the video people to make it to a phase video!

Outfit ideas: