Monday, May 23, 2011

Project One [ Group Shots with the Top 10 ]

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So yesterday I had the Top 10 Shoot with the Project One girls.
At 07:00 girls started arriving. I got to watch the sun rise - which is something I never tire of seeing.

A few shots of each girl were taken - with intent of using them to upload onto the Photography Page for Phase 2 of voting. Prior to this people were voting on pictures submitted by the entrants.

Each girl will get one image uploaded this evening at 17:00 and they will remain up for 7 days. At the end the girl with the most votes will take the prize!

I wanted to take a group picture of the top 10 girls to add to the original logo that i had made for the Project.
My inspiration came from one of my favourite tv shows - Lost. See below - I was pleased with result.

The shoot went well and it was great to meet ten beautiful people.

After the mandatory pictures - a few group shots were taken. See below:

What do you think? Awesome bunch aren't they? Anyways - They need your VOTE :)
See: Lee Folkard Photography Page for more details!

Some of the girls stayed after the shoot wrapped up and we took a few more fun shots. I will upload some at a later stage.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Project One - Tips to get more Votes

1. Awareness

Get ALL your friends to know that you are in a competition.

This can be done via status updates. Links to the Lee Folkard Photography Page. Links to the Project One Album. Create an Event on Facebook. It's free and can be used to create a domino-type effect, which is essentially what you want to amass the required votes. Tag the Lee Folkard Photography page in status updates using the @ key. So people can easily click through to like the page.

2. Share

Facebooks platform enables you to share just about anything. All the links that you used to create awareness should be shared. You can share links via, wall posts, status updates, profile pages, event walls, even in individual messages to target friends one at a time. I would go as far as to share links via Facebook Chat if you do use it.

3. Step Process

Once you have their attention - people need to be aware that they need to LIKE the Lee Folkard Photography Page first. Then locate your picture. For those who have difficulty in locating the album on the page - this will not be a problem with the many Direct Links you have posted all over the place.

Once they find you picture they need only type the word - VOTE as a comment under the picture.

4. Networking

The most important factor of the whole voting process is that of networking. You may have 300 facebook friends and another entrant may have 1000 facebook friends - The important thing is that you get the friends of your friends to vote and then their friends. The Domino Effect. What you want is the people that do take the time to vote for you to let their friends know about this competition. So once people vote for you - ASK them to share the link with their friends. ASK them to make status updates etc. And so the process should fall - and YOU will start accumulating VOTES.

Direct your friends to this blog post so that they can have a better understanding of how this whole thing works.

Good Luck to all involved and thank you for participating in a Lee Folkard Photography Project.

See website at ->

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Project One - Dates and Info

Phase One kicks off on Friday 6th May 2011 - Once the pictures are uploaded - voting will commence.
To vote - All you will need to do is get your friends and others to type the word - VOTE as a comment on your uploaded picture. The pictures will all be uploaded into an album in the Lee Folkard Photography Page.
You can vote on as many pictures as you wish -BUT only one vote per picture! Duplicate votes will result in all your votes being deleted.

Phase One will end on Monday 16th May 2011 @ 17:00.
Votes will be counted and the Top 10 Candidates will move on to the next phase.

Shoot with Top 10 Candidates on Sunday 22nd May 2011 @ 07:00.
This is a very important date - should you make the Top 10 you will be required to be available on this date at this time for a quick shoot. If you are unable to make it - your place will be forfeited.
Shoot will take place on Umhlanga Beach. You will be required to do your own hair and make-up.
Dress Code: Jeans and a white tank top. You should be done by 09:00 at latest.

Phase Two begins on Monday 23rd May 2011 - Once pictures uploaded voting will again commence.
Your newly taken shots will be uploaded and voting again will commence.
All votes will be stripped from Phase One however, the person who was leading will start off with 10 free votes and the person who was second with 9 - and so forth.

Phase Two ends on Monday 30th May 2011 @ 18:00. Winner announced!
Woohoo! The End - One Winner takes the Prize!

Fine Print Below:
Lee Folkard Photography reserves the right to change any details at anytime.
If rules are broken - Lee Folkard Photography can delete your entry.
Rules: Play fair. Any suspicious activity will cause deletion.

Monday, May 2, 2011

[ Project One ] - The Prize

And the winner gets *drum roll*

A themed photoshoot with Lee Folkard Photography valued in excess of R5000.00!
How awesome is that?!

 Consisting of:

- 3 hours plus shooting time
- 40 plus edits
- DVD Slideshow
- Post-Shoot Consultation Session
- Pictures from shoot displayed on net
- Blog post done with post-shoot interview
- Professional Make-Up artist on day of shoot
- Stylist on day of shoot
- 10 x A3 Prints

Because this is a themed shoot prize - the winner should be getting a unique concept shoot idea with all necessary props and extra's supplied by Lee Folkard Photography.

Terms and Conditions apply
Lee Folkard Photography reserves the right to change any prize specifics.

[ More details will follow. Entries still welcome* ]