Tuesday, July 27, 2010

31st Durban International Film Festival

Daring, innovative and controversial films and filmmakers from around the world  take the spotlight at the 31st Durban International Film Festival which takes place from 22 July 2010 to 1 August 2010.

So, if you did not know about it as yet - you have time to support and enjoy*
The festival programmers have scoured the globe for films that excite, thrill, raise awareness and provoke. These films will be presented in over 200 screenings at venues across Durban and in surrounding communities. Alongside the screenings of films, the festival offers an extensive workshop and seminar programme, as well as training and industry events.
The movies I have seen thus far are; Pepperminta, The Killer Inside Me, Dogtooth, The White Ribbon & Slovenian Girl. All but one have been excellent viewing material.
I am glad that we in Durban have access to such a film festival and would encourage all those who enjoy movies and the arts to go and see at least one movie.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Mass PhotoShoot: Edits

As I continue to slowly release pictures.
This marks the 3rd segment of the pictures from the Mass PhotoShoot.

Other pictures can be seen:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/people/Lee-Folkard/727967282
Twitter: http://twitter.com/leefolkard

One picture per applicant can be seen at each of these public domains.

Congratulations go to Bianca Paul, Carishma Basday & Jade Ogle who have been selected to get a full photoshoot with Lee Folkard Photography.




Carishma & Gael

Lauren & Nabeelah
Chanelle & Lyle

Aloysia & Mark
Teniel & Selwyn

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Mass PhotoShoot : 17 July 2010 : Part 2 of 2


Setting up my lonesome banner close to the actual entrance onto the beach through Suncoast was complete by 07:00.
My team of helpers were all there on time ready to get this day on the road beach.

All went amazingly well -
I had assigned a 20 minute slot for each applicant and took on average about 7 minutes on each.
There were scheduled breaks throughout the day - but seeing as how smooth things were running - I don't even think they were needed.
An hour 20 minute lunch break came in handy as we all got to eat and fuel up.

After the break we had 2 people not pitch up. If there was any bad note on the day this would be it. As these people were chosen to take part in the event it is sad that they did not take up the opportunity to be involved in a lovely experience, but anyway - things got back on track as the applicants continued to arrive as per schedule.

At appoximately 16:00 we left Suncoast. Home to back up all pictures.

The Mass PhotoShoot was a great success, and I hope that all that were there or were somehow involved in the day had a blast!

Where to from here: I will be editing pictures and on the 31st July 2010 each person will get their 5 edits on a CD.

I will also be selecting 3 applicants to get a full photoshoot with me.

[ w a t c h   t h i s  s p a c e ]

Charlene working her stuff whilst Jade adds a backdrop.

Shooting Aloysia Ogle and Mark Fearick

My amazing team: Giselle Human, Brett Robson, Jordayne Humfrey, Jade Ogle & Chanelle Robson (from left to right)

Shooting Jade Ogle

Me shooting Alyssa Manuel

Brett Robson making my banner look good

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Mass PhotoShoot : 17 July 2010 : Part 1 of 2

The day had finally arrived and after so much planning I was keen to get the day over with. I had no idea at the outset just how much would go into putting this event together. I guess that is what they have event organizers for.

I had been taking applications for the mass photoshoot for a 2 week period. The basic breakdown was: you send in 2 pictures and your details, if selected you get a mini photoshoot and 5 edits on a CD.

After making my selections for the day - the successful applicants were contacted and given a time slot.

The day started at 05:00 for me - as I had to get ready and pack all the necessary equipment and paperwork.
Getting to the venue at 06:30 with the first applicant arriving at 07:00 I was able to get a nice sunrise picture - which always makes me appreciate the beauty in this world we live in.

Part 2 to follow...

Friday, July 16, 2010

Fifa World Cup 2010

I just realized that i did not do the end of World Cup 2010 enough justice.
Here is my apology:

"We are all Africa"

Nine out of ten foreigners visiting South Africa for the purposes of the World Cup say that they would recommend South Africa to friends or family as a holiday destination, according to African Response's World Cup Visitor Survey.
The survey included 722 tourists, interviewed in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Pretoria and investigated perceptions of the various elements of the South African experience, including roads, accommodation, stadia, policing and safety, amongst others.

"Post World Cup press has been very positive about the success of the tournament and its implications for tourism and foreign investment. It is very pleasing to see our survey confirming this view," states Beatrice Kubheka, Managing Director of African Response. "African Response has been tracking the perceptions of readiness leading up to the 2010 World Cup since 2006 and witnessed doubt slowly becoming confidence the closer we got. But having 92% of visitors saying that they would recommend South Africa as a destination is more than we bargained for and is great news for our future."

Those whose stay lasted between a week and two had a slightly higher tendency to recommend SA - at 94%. However, propensity to recommend SA to friends or family was as high as 92% amongst those tourists who were staying in the country for over a month.

Asked if they themselves would return, an overwhelming 96% of visitors said there is a possibility that they would and the remainder (4%) said that they would prefer to visit somewhere they have never been before.

Word of the Tournament

"Vuvuzela" has been nominated as the word of the tournament and love them or hate them, they played a huge role in differentiating the South African event to the many World Cups that have gone before. African Response asked 300 tourists how they felt about the plastic horns. The vast majority (80%) agreed that vuvuzelas add atmosphere to the game, and 20% disagreed with the statement.

When asked whether the vuvuzela should be used at all future matches, two thirds of respondents agreed that they should.

Interestingly, females showed a higher affinity for the instruments than men did, 86%of females interviewed stating they add atmosphere and 70% believing they should be used at future matches.

Well that's a wrap. Well done to the tournament winners, Spain. And an even bigger WELL DONE to the overall winners - SOUTH AFRICA and all the people that played their part and embraced the beautiful game.

Fifa World Cup 2010 South Africa

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What day is it?

Wow.. busy busy busy.
With the World Cup over - I am back to work.

I am entering a competition which requires an 8 page spread. The pictures have been taken - next up the selection of the pictures to be chosen.
Then I have to post the final product off - soon!

The Mass PhotoShoot is taking place this Saturday - that should go quite well. I have made the selections of people - not an easy task.

I have also invested in my first bit of lighting gear - a reflector, and a stand.

A few pictures from between shots from the shoot for the competition:

Model: Lisa Bonhomme

Extra Time Comedy Show

Some of the pictures from the comedy show I covered.
It was a laughter-filled evening!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Update on Life v1.0

With the world cup coming to a close -Lee Folkard Photography is going to be back in action full force ahead...

As a little teaser - I will be photographer at a comedy show within my community. This will be happening on the evening of Thursday 8th July. Also good to capture the feel of an event with some quick shots.

Tonight, the last world cup game to be played in Durban happens; The semi-final between Spain and Germany - should be a good one.
Whoever wins plays Holland in the final on the 11th July 2010.
And with that comes the end of an awesome spectacle.

I have my mass photoshoot on Saturday July 17th - That also should be an interesting event.

My banners arrived yesterday - very good service from the company I used in Cape Town. My design is simple and clean - keeping in check with all my curent image.
These will be used at most shoots and events.

Will be away this weekend. Near the coast is my destination. Maybe some pictures to come.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Lee Folkard Photography Makes Top 10

A few weeks ago i received an email thanking me for entering a competition and inviting me to come by for the announcement of the winner.

I must admit this is probably one of the first competitions I have entered as much as I see competitions every now and then - i barely end up sending in some pictures.

After receiving the email, i had to back-track to try and see exactly what was the competition and what picture/s i entered.
Turns out the competition was for VOLCOM STONE, send in "whatever flies your pigeon".
I submitted 3 pictures, so I figured why not.
The main prize of cash, a volcom hamper and the winning picture used on a volcom t-shirt seemed like a worthy one.

I made my way to Spiga d'Ora on Florida Road, Durban on the 30th June.
One of my images made the Top 10, printed and framed on a wall amongst 9 other brilliant pictures was a nice sight to behold.

A winner would be chosen from these.

End of Story - I did not win. In truth being 1 of the 10 was a win in my books.
It was nice to see my name up and have others view the pictures.
The event was well turned out and I would imagine from the number of entries, a success.

From now on I will try much harder to enter competitions and submit pictures where and when I can. At the end of the day photographs are meant to be shared.

A thanks to my camera club, Westville Camera Club, for informing me of the competition and for always being on the lookout for photographic events.

Below is my Top 10 entry.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cinema Nouveau

My other passion in life on par with photography is movies.
I love nothing more than watching a stimulating movie anytime, night or day.
I have an ever growing collection of movies and I try and get to the cinema as often as I can.

I enjoy mainstream movies as well as "art house" works. The latter being my reason for this blog post. I know that in KZN our dedicated art house cinema is the Gateway Cinema Nouveau situated in the Gateway Shopping Centre. But I am at a loss as to how many others know this.

Ster-Kinekor, the largest cinema exhibitor in South Africa, operates the only dedicated "art" cinema circuit in the world under the Cinema Nouveau brand. Experience the different cultures and styles of movie-making that Cinema Nouveau offers through foreign language and alternative content that is not readily available on the commercial circuit.

Maybe I have not seen the ads or maybe this sort of industry works with word of mouth. If this is the case -this is my attempt to spread the word.

I have watched many foreign language films that are beautifully made. Lots are independant and do not feature the "big name" stars. Every now and then you get some big names - the actors/actresses that appreciate a good script even though it does not fit into the mainstream fil norm.

Hopefully you will try to locate the art house cinema near you and maybe see a movie every 3 months or so.

If in South Africa you can go to http://www.sterkinekor.com