Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Mass PhotoShoot : 17 July 2010 : Part 2 of 2


Setting up my lonesome banner close to the actual entrance onto the beach through Suncoast was complete by 07:00.
My team of helpers were all there on time ready to get this day on the road beach.

All went amazingly well -
I had assigned a 20 minute slot for each applicant and took on average about 7 minutes on each.
There were scheduled breaks throughout the day - but seeing as how smooth things were running - I don't even think they were needed.
An hour 20 minute lunch break came in handy as we all got to eat and fuel up.

After the break we had 2 people not pitch up. If there was any bad note on the day this would be it. As these people were chosen to take part in the event it is sad that they did not take up the opportunity to be involved in a lovely experience, but anyway - things got back on track as the applicants continued to arrive as per schedule.

At appoximately 16:00 we left Suncoast. Home to back up all pictures.

The Mass PhotoShoot was a great success, and I hope that all that were there or were somehow involved in the day had a blast!

Where to from here: I will be editing pictures and on the 31st July 2010 each person will get their 5 edits on a CD.

I will also be selecting 3 applicants to get a full photoshoot with me.

[ w a t c h   t h i s  s p a c e ]

Charlene working her stuff whilst Jade adds a backdrop.

Shooting Aloysia Ogle and Mark Fearick

My amazing team: Giselle Human, Brett Robson, Jordayne Humfrey, Jade Ogle & Chanelle Robson (from left to right)

Shooting Jade Ogle

Me shooting Alyssa Manuel

Brett Robson making my banner look good

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