Friday, July 16, 2010

Fifa World Cup 2010

I just realized that i did not do the end of World Cup 2010 enough justice.
Here is my apology:

"We are all Africa"

Nine out of ten foreigners visiting South Africa for the purposes of the World Cup say that they would recommend South Africa to friends or family as a holiday destination, according to African Response's World Cup Visitor Survey.
The survey included 722 tourists, interviewed in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Pretoria and investigated perceptions of the various elements of the South African experience, including roads, accommodation, stadia, policing and safety, amongst others.

"Post World Cup press has been very positive about the success of the tournament and its implications for tourism and foreign investment. It is very pleasing to see our survey confirming this view," states Beatrice Kubheka, Managing Director of African Response. "African Response has been tracking the perceptions of readiness leading up to the 2010 World Cup since 2006 and witnessed doubt slowly becoming confidence the closer we got. But having 92% of visitors saying that they would recommend South Africa as a destination is more than we bargained for and is great news for our future."

Those whose stay lasted between a week and two had a slightly higher tendency to recommend SA - at 94%. However, propensity to recommend SA to friends or family was as high as 92% amongst those tourists who were staying in the country for over a month.

Asked if they themselves would return, an overwhelming 96% of visitors said there is a possibility that they would and the remainder (4%) said that they would prefer to visit somewhere they have never been before.

Word of the Tournament

"Vuvuzela" has been nominated as the word of the tournament and love them or hate them, they played a huge role in differentiating the South African event to the many World Cups that have gone before. African Response asked 300 tourists how they felt about the plastic horns. The vast majority (80%) agreed that vuvuzelas add atmosphere to the game, and 20% disagreed with the statement.

When asked whether the vuvuzela should be used at all future matches, two thirds of respondents agreed that they should.

Interestingly, females showed a higher affinity for the instruments than men did, 86%of females interviewed stating they add atmosphere and 70% believing they should be used at future matches.

Well that's a wrap. Well done to the tournament winners, Spain. And an even bigger WELL DONE to the overall winners - SOUTH AFRICA and all the people that played their part and embraced the beautiful game.

Fifa World Cup 2010 South Africa

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