Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Mass PhotoShoot : 17 July 2010 : Part 1 of 2

The day had finally arrived and after so much planning I was keen to get the day over with. I had no idea at the outset just how much would go into putting this event together. I guess that is what they have event organizers for.

I had been taking applications for the mass photoshoot for a 2 week period. The basic breakdown was: you send in 2 pictures and your details, if selected you get a mini photoshoot and 5 edits on a CD.

After making my selections for the day - the successful applicants were contacted and given a time slot.

The day started at 05:00 for me - as I had to get ready and pack all the necessary equipment and paperwork.
Getting to the venue at 06:30 with the first applicant arriving at 07:00 I was able to get a nice sunrise picture - which always makes me appreciate the beauty in this world we live in.

Part 2 to follow...

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