Friday, July 2, 2010

Lee Folkard Photography Makes Top 10

A few weeks ago i received an email thanking me for entering a competition and inviting me to come by for the announcement of the winner.

I must admit this is probably one of the first competitions I have entered as much as I see competitions every now and then - i barely end up sending in some pictures.

After receiving the email, i had to back-track to try and see exactly what was the competition and what picture/s i entered.
Turns out the competition was for VOLCOM STONE, send in "whatever flies your pigeon".
I submitted 3 pictures, so I figured why not.
The main prize of cash, a volcom hamper and the winning picture used on a volcom t-shirt seemed like a worthy one.

I made my way to Spiga d'Ora on Florida Road, Durban on the 30th June.
One of my images made the Top 10, printed and framed on a wall amongst 9 other brilliant pictures was a nice sight to behold.

A winner would be chosen from these.

End of Story - I did not win. In truth being 1 of the 10 was a win in my books.
It was nice to see my name up and have others view the pictures.
The event was well turned out and I would imagine from the number of entries, a success.

From now on I will try much harder to enter competitions and submit pictures where and when I can. At the end of the day photographs are meant to be shared.

A thanks to my camera club, Westville Camera Club, for informing me of the competition and for always being on the lookout for photographic events.

Below is my Top 10 entry.

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