Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cinema Nouveau

My other passion in life on par with photography is movies.
I love nothing more than watching a stimulating movie anytime, night or day.
I have an ever growing collection of movies and I try and get to the cinema as often as I can.

I enjoy mainstream movies as well as "art house" works. The latter being my reason for this blog post. I know that in KZN our dedicated art house cinema is the Gateway Cinema Nouveau situated in the Gateway Shopping Centre. But I am at a loss as to how many others know this.

Ster-Kinekor, the largest cinema exhibitor in South Africa, operates the only dedicated "art" cinema circuit in the world under the Cinema Nouveau brand. Experience the different cultures and styles of movie-making that Cinema Nouveau offers through foreign language and alternative content that is not readily available on the commercial circuit.

Maybe I have not seen the ads or maybe this sort of industry works with word of mouth. If this is the case -this is my attempt to spread the word.

I have watched many foreign language films that are beautifully made. Lots are independant and do not feature the "big name" stars. Every now and then you get some big names - the actors/actresses that appreciate a good script even though it does not fit into the mainstream fil norm.

Hopefully you will try to locate the art house cinema near you and maybe see a movie every 3 months or so.

If in South Africa you can go to

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