Friday, May 29, 2015

The awesome #ProjectScouted sponsors – Larisa Terblanche owner and designer of Larisa MODA

Larisa Terblanche of Larisa MODA, moda translating to fashion or in style in Spanish, is a truly inspirational woman. Balancing her family, being a wonderful mother to two little girls, and running a business has become second nature for Larisa. Her philosophy when it comes to the garments she creates is that just as a woman should not only be beautiful on the outside but also beautiful on the inside; clothing should be just the same. Larisa says that one could even wear her dresses turned inside-out! It is this attention to detail and quest for excellence that has made Larisa MODA such a successful and reputable label and why #ProjectScouted has formed such a good relationship with the brand.

1.    How did you first get involved in #ProjectScouted?
I was invited by founder of #ProjectScouted, Lee Folkard, to be a part of Project Trinity in 2013. The #ProjectScouted girls also modelled my garments for the underwater shoot shot by Roy Esterhuysen last year.

2.    Having been a sponsor for last year’s Project, what made you want to be a part of it again this year?
I enjoyed working with Lee and the #ProjectScouted team on the previous Project and I was delighted to be invited again.

3.    What do you love most about the Project?
I love meeting new people and getting the opportunity of having my clothing featured in such unique and unusual shoots which is often quite rare for Durban.

4.    How did you find your passion for designing and creating clothing?
I started to create clothes for myself from a very young age and it was a natural decision to study Fashion Design after I finished school. I have always loved beautiful things, even though I didn’t come from a very well-to-do family. I even designed and made my matric dance dress. Ever since then, I have never regretted choosing this career.

5.    What was the very first thing you designed and made?
I made outfits for my dolls!

6.    What is the most rewarding aspect of your work?
I enjoy the actual process of making garments and the greatest reward is to see Larisa MODA creations living a beautiful life; going to special events and even travelling the world. I feel like my garments have a life of their own after I have created them and handed them over to my clients.

7.    What is the best aspect of being a designer based in Durban?
The weather! The weather is always changing but is always fashion-friendly. I love that!

8.    Are you willing to share any info about your phase in the Project?
My phase will be closer to the end of the Project. I will still be having a coffee date with Lee to discuss the details. Thereafter the theme of my phase will be announced. But it is definitely going to be even bigger than the underwater shoot last year.

It is not difficult to see why Larisa’s heart lies with her one-on-one work with her clients; she cares as much about the garments she creates as the people who will wear them. Check out Larisa’s Facebook page at for her latest ranges, including her new range of luxury crochet swimwear. Also follow the official #ProjectScoutedInstagram page for the date and venue of Larisa’s phase, and the girls who have made it through, as well as of all other upcoming phases. Remember, the #ProjectScouted team would love to see you at the shoots and events which are all open to the public.

Your #ProjectScouted Top 3 – Sansha Lambert

Tamlyn and Warren Gabin’s discovery, Sansha Lambert, may only be in grade 11 but she’s proven her mettle in front of the camera like a pro. Being scouted by Warren through Instagram without having any modelling experience, Sansha has still managed to become a favourite in the Project whilst balancing her school life.

Lee Folkard Photography: Have you always lived in Durban?
Sansha: I lived in Limpopo for a few years after I was born and then moved to Durban.

LFP: Which phase of the Project stands out for you?
Sansha: The most memorable phase for me was definitely Phase 6, the fashion show!

LFP: And which phase was the most difficult personally? How did you come through triumphantly?
Sansha: The most difficult phase was the underwater shoot, but getting a lot of support from my friends and scouts helped me incredibly.

LFP: If you could, would you do anything differently during the Project?
Sansha: Not a thing!

LFP: If you are not chosen as the winner, which of the other girls, from all the other phases included, would you have liked to be the winner?
Sansha: Kristan; she is always so bubbly and an inspiration to me. She has always been so supportive and I would like to thank her for always being by my side!

LFP: What do you think is the quality you have that sets you apart as the winner from the other girls?
Sansha: I think maybe my confidence. I'm not sure. I think the girls are all great.

LFP: Do you have any advice for the girls who would like to be scouted to be a part of the Project next year?
Sansha: Girls, you must have a blast. Don't be shy! This Project is an amazing experience. You meet so many people! But most importantly; be YOURSELF.

LFP: How has being a part of #ProjectScouted changed your life in the past few months?
Sansha: The Project has definitely helped me develop more confidence in myself and in front of the camera, and also encouraged me to be more open and be myself around other girls.

LFP: What have you learned about yourself – or about anything – during the Project?
Sansha: I have definitely gained more confidence over these last months and I have made some really close new friends as well. And I have learnt that I'm not as shy as I thought I was.

LFP: Having the experience of the Project now behind you, where do you see yourself going from here?
Sansha: I definitely see myself with a modelling career. I think I'll have an amazing time!

LFP: Some last words before the shoot?
Sansha: #ProjectScouted has been an amazing experience for me; I’ve enjoyed every step of the way – especially getting to meet such amazing people. This journey is definitely something I won't forget.

Is Sansha your favourite? Continue to show your support to the Top 3 girls on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube as they prepare for the Top 3 shoot taking place this Saturday the 30th of May. The time has come and there can only be one winner.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Your #ProjectScouted Top 3 – Belinda Eloff

Belinda Eloff is doing her scout, Aimee Nel, extremely proud, especially because she is living up to her team’s name of the #ATeam. Belinda has been a strong contender from the beginning and now having reached the Top 3, she is really glad that she listened to Aimee – who she’s been friends with for a few years – and took the plunge into the adventure of #ProjectScouted.

Lee Folkard Photography: So what is Belinda doing currently, other than being one of the beautiful #ProjectScouted Top 3 ladies?
Belinda: I am currently working full-time at a laser and graphics company as a graphic and general designer. I’m doing some really exciting stuff in my life at the moment!

LFP: Do you have any previous modelling experience that helped you in the Project?
Belinda: I had done a basic course for fun but I’ve never done any photoshoots or anything close to what I have experienced in the Project, so basically no. This is all new to me!

LFP: What was the most memorable phase in the Project for you?
Belinda: Most definitely Phase 9!

LFP: Which phase did you find to be the most difficult?
Belinda: The underwater phase was definitely the most difficult. I'm not a fan of swimming or water (unless it’s warm or to drink – haha!). I was really out of my comfort zone but I think the encouragement from everyone who was there along with that warm shower before definitely got me through it. Also, Roy was incredibly understanding about the struggles we were experiencing.

LFP: If you could, would you change anything you did in the Project?
Belinda: Not at all! I regret nothing from the Project. It's been a beautiful journey.

LFP: If you were to win #ProjectScouted Cycle 2, what would you attribute it to?
Belinda: I am honestly just so abstract. I'm a strange kid; the epitome of contrast and versatility. Well, at least I like to think so!

LFP: If you are not chosen as the winner, which of the other girls, from all the other phases included, would you have liked to be the winner?
Belinda: I can’t choose just one! Genevieve Steenkamp or Michaela Carter, definitely.

LFP: How has being a part of #ProjectScouted changed your life in the past few months?
Belinda: I have been extremely busy on weekends firstly, but I have also grown so much as an individual. I have developed a new sense of gratitude for people and it's not only a change that has lasted a few months, but it will be a change that will be with me forever.

LFP: What has the Project taught you?
Belinda: I am more capable than I often think. I have learned that there are still so many beautiful souls in the world and that you can literally do anything if you believe in yourself strongly enough.

LFP: Having the experience of the Project now behind your name, where do you see yourself going from here?
Belinda: I am definitely looking to join an agency as soon as possible. The Project has given me a hunger for modelling and motivated me even further. I will continue to work hard and play hard, and shmodellll!

LFP: Do you have any advice for the girls who would like to be scouted to be a part of the Project next year?
Belinda: Dooooo it! Never let an opportunity like this pass you by. Be brave and confident and throw yourself into it fully.

LFP: Your parting shot?
Belinda: #ProjectScouted has been the most beautiful experience of my life. Every moment has been memorable and I have never met such an amazing group of people. It's a family, and anyone that is presented the opportunity to be a part of it should embrace it with open arms.

The final photoshoot, the Top 3 shoot, takes place on Saturday the 30th of May.  Will Belinda be our girl?

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Your #ProjectScouted Top 3 – Kristan Oldewage

Scouted by Helen Borg on Facebook, you’d never guess that Grade 11 student at St. Henry’s Marist College, Kristan Oldewage, doesn’t have any modelling experience – especially since she’s even won a few phases in the Project! She calls herself a ‘die-hard Durbanite’ and we’re pretty sure that she has made the Durban who knows her very proud.

LFP: What was the most memorable phase in the Project for you?
Kristan: Jerome’s concept of the dolls in the Phase 10 shoot, definitely!

LFP: Which phase was the most difficult personally and how did you come through triumphantly?
Kristan: Phase 8 – The underwater shoot. I had to push the barrier stopping me from continuing. I needed to concentrate to make sure that I didn’t look like I was holding my breath, to make sure I looked like I was playing tennis at the bottom of a pool, and to make sure that I didn’t drown! Haha! It was very difficult but I got through it.

LFP: Looking back, if you could, would you do anything differently?
Kristan: I feel that in the beginning phases, I would definitely not have stressed so much because it really wasn’t necessary. It just ended up holding me back from what I was capable of. I’ve stopped stressing since!

LFP: If you are not chosen as the winner, which of the other girls, from all the other phases included, would you have liked to be the winner?
Kristan: Sansha Lambert – She has maintained positive vibes throughout and has proven that dynamite definitely comes in small packages!

LFP: What do you think is the quality you have that sets you apart as the winner from the other girls?
Kristan: I feel that I am always open to trying new things and doing different things. I’m always keen to just go with the flow; anything to make those final images look on point!

LFP: Do you have any advice for the girls who would like to be scouted to be a part of the Project next year?
Kristan: This is 100% a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I feel that the next group of girls need to bring something to the competition that will set them apart from every other girl. Be as unique as possible, different isn’t wrong.

LFP: How has being a part of #ProjectScouted changed your life in the past few months?
Kristan: The Project has offered so much exposure for me; my life is not the same as it was before the Project. My eyes have been opened to a fun side of modelling; if this is the life of a model, then it’s like being happy is your job.

LFP: What have you learned about yourself during the Project?
Kristan: I have discovered a new self-confidence that I didn’t have before. I am more comfortable with my imperfections now and am now not afraid to put on a pair of heels and strut what I was blessed with.

LFP: Having the experience of the Project now behind your name, where do you see yourself going from here?
Kristan: I will definitely use this experience to go further with modelling and explore new opportunities that are thrown at me. Exciting stuff is in order, watch this space!

LFP: Anything else you’d like to share with the Project fans?
Kristan: There are just not enough words to describe how grateful I am for being chosen to be a part of such an amazing Project, let alone the unforgettable friendships that were built amongst everyone. A massive ‘thank you’ doesn’t even come close to how thankful I am to Lee Folkard and my scout for making this real for me. This time last year, never would I ever have imagined of being involved in such an incredible Project. A huge shout-out to all the talented make-up artists for putting in long hours to make the models look photo-ready; your work is beautiful.  Thank you so much to the photographers and videographers who have also captured the memories from each phase. Lastly, thank you to Iman Sheik for helping us strike the perfect poses. Everyone’s support throughout the Project is much appreciated and once the Project is over, I will miss this family so much. Project Scouted, Cycle 2 – you have been a treat!

The end has come and there is only one phase left until our #ProjectScouted Cycle 2 winner is chosen. Will it be Kristan?

Friday, May 15, 2015

#ProjectScouted’s hair whisperer– Kezia Myatt

The fabulous owner of Make-Me-Up, Kezia Myatt, will be stepping in to style the hair of our Top 5 #ProjectScouted ladies. Although she is a master at both hair and make-up, Kezia will be focused on ensuring the girls’ crowning glory pulls together their looks for the remaining themes.

Lee Folkard Photography: How did you hear about #ProjectScouted and how did you get involved?
Kezia: I heard about #ProjectScouted through my wondrous friend and fellow makeup artist, Charelle McAllistair.

LFP: What encouraged you to come on board as a #ProjectScouted sponsor?
Kezia: I think #ProjectScouted is an amazing platform to let one’s creative juices flow! Last year I had a taste of it at the Day of the Dead shoot and this year I want more!

LFP: How did you find your passion for hairstyling?
Kezia: For me, hairstyling came after my passion for make-up. I feel that the two go hand-in-hand, so I decided to study hair after having done make-up for a couple of years.

LFP: Working with so many different types of hair must be difficult. How do you decide on which look will work best for your clients?
Kezia: When I do hair, mostly, I am given a brief from a client, designer or stylist. If those briefs are way off for a particular shape face, I try to gently guide them into a more flattering look. The hair frames the face and its importance shouldn’t be taken for granted.

LFP: What was your very first hairstyling job like?
Kezia: My first hairstyling job was terrifying! Of course I knew what I was doing, but I wasn't sure if my interpretation would turn out the way it had been explained to me! But hair, at the end of the day I believe, is just about letting your fingers run free!

LFP: What is the most rewarding aspect of your work for you?
Kezia: The thing I find most rewarding about doing hair is the transformation it can give to a style. It can add texture, vibrancy, body, and shape. Creating a whole new look for a person’s face. I absolutely love doing brides and mothers of brides! I find that everyday clients tend to be the most gracious and feel most impacted by a change of hairdo or just that special feeling that comes with getting one’s hair done.

LFP: What are you looking forward to the most in working with the #ProjectScouted girls? They’re really excited to be getting their hair done by you!
Kezia: That’s so awesome because I am so looking forward to working with them! This year I am most looking forward to helping the #ProjectScouted girls transform themselves into their inner supermodel! Along with the makeup team, I only hope to make their ideas and dreams come to life!

Our Top 5 ladies are a very fortunate group. After having their extreme makeovers done by the amazing Gerald Wells team, they continue to get the opportunity of working with the best in the industry, Kezia being one of those infectiously passionate people, to help them reach their full potential in their #ProjectScouted journey.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Charelle McAllister, #ProjectScouted’s stunning make-up artist

As beautiful as the looks she creates, Charelle McAllister ofMake-up by Charelle will be returning to the #ProjectScouted team this year after her work at last year’s Project blew everyone away. Having fallen in love with make-up as a child as she watched her mother put on red lipstick, Charelle is as passionate about beautifying and boosting confidence even now years later.

1.    Your work was absolutely breathtaking at last year’s Project! What motivated you to come on board again this year?
Thank you for saying my work was "absolutely breathtaking" at last year's Project! (Blush) It was such an experience for me to be able to be involved in such a successful Project, where so many professionals from different fields of artistry could connect and work with one another not only for the networking, but for helping the #ProjectScouted ladies. I also think that this is an awesome opportunity for the girls to be recognized for their diversity of skills they bring to the camera, as well as their uniqueness and natural beauty.  I could see and feel how awesome the idea behind Lee’s Projects is and I feel honored to be a part of this one as well.  To be involved feels so right!

2.    What did you enjoy most about the Project last year?
I loved the different phase briefs and concepts by the photographers!  It was always 'not known' (well, on my side anyway), and the surprise of what was expected from the ladies to get the "feel/message" across also challenged my skills to help the ladies get into character.

3.    What do you think is the best aspect of #ProjectScouted?
I feel NETWORKING is the best aspect here. It's not only what you know, but also who you know  that helps you to grow.

4.    Having worked with some of the girls last year, do you have any tips on how they can improve from last year’s participants?
Girls, enjoy yourselves. Let go and have fun! Don't be so hard on yourselves and let YOU come through.

5.    Thinking back to your makeup for the “Day of the Dead” shoot shot by Jerome Stoffels last year; do you do a trial before you have a big look to pull off? How do you prepare for something so different and intricate?
I was so nervous for this one, but I think the nervousness was partly due to it being an exciting look and something different where makeup was key. Honestly, no preparation or trial was done to prepare for that look, other than me being on Google to get different ideas of skull painting.  I love contrast, so I personally decided to go black and white. My male models were the handsome Brissett twins so once I had done Keelan's face, I pretty much just had to follow the same bone structure for Chad.  My ladies in that phase basically got creations I thought of as they sat down.  I had loads of freedom to create!

6.    What do you love most about being a makeup artist?
I love seeing how beautiful I can help someone feel.  It is truly rewarding to contribute to someone's confidence or very special day.  Make-up is basically enhancing what is already there.  Sometimes it happens where I see someone who sees themselves as beautiful for the first time, it is special for me to help them see that they always have been beautiful.

7.    What has been your most memorable experience as a makeup artist?
I had a client once who had very fair skin and darker enlarged pigmentation marks over the majority of her face.  She had never managed to entirely conceal her pigmentation herself in the past.  Once I had finished her makeup and she saw herself for the first time (there was no mirror infront of her) her reaction was worth everything to me.  I could see her confidence lift instantly.  I felt so happy I could do that for her!

Follow the progress of the #ProjectScouted girls on their journeys through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and now even YouTube with behind-the-scenes videos being posted regularly. Check out Charelle’s work on her Instagram account,@makeupbycharelle, as well as through the Project’s dedicated Instagram page. It’s difficult to imagine how Charelle could possibly outdo her work from last year, but we’re pretty sure that she will.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Brief for Phase Nine of #ProjectScouted

Hi Team.


Location- Midlands.

Simz and myself will leave at 12.30

We have a location in mind - indoors in one of the little store which has very boho furniture from Bali. This can only be confirmed on Monday. 

The second location is a forest which we will still need to scout once we are up there while hair and make up is being done. 

Vintage feel // Bohemian // fee- spirit. 

Girls make up simple, dark brows and nude lips. Hair messy as per ref pic attached. (Kylie Jenner on right)

5 looks: one for each girl.

1. Black Crochet Gypsy Dress with hats boots necklaces...
2. Long Lace Kimono, printed tee and shorts, hat and accessories. 
3. Long Lace Kimono, printed tee and shorts, hat and accessories.
4. Statement tee with lace shorts and accessories. Barefoot. 
5. Denim Wait Coat, loose dress and grungy shirt. boots hat and accessories. 

We hope to start the shooting at 2pm 

Trust all is on order.

Looking forward to shooting :)



Monday, May 4, 2015

The #ProjectScouted team behind the camera – Roy Esterhuysen

Roy Esterhuysen is one of those people who never seem to have an off day. Always laughing, always in a good mood, and always one of the friendliest guys you will ever meet; it’s no wonder models love shooting with him and anyone creative would love working with him. Last year’s #ProjectScouted Phase Ten underwater shoot was pioneering, to say the least. The attention that the shoot gained was unprecedented in Durban and secured Roy as not only a #ProjectScouted favourite, but also as one of the top photographers in Durban. Apart from Roy’s unique speciality in underwater shooting, he is also a bespoke female fitness, swimwear, and fashion photographer as well as an established lingerie photographer working under the brand Blush Boudoir. And as if his schedule wasn’t hectic enough, Roy also works as a freelance graphic designer when he is not jet-setting to Cape Town and the like to shoot some of the most beautiful models in the country at some of the most beautiful locations in country. #ProjectScouted and the Top 6 girls couldn’t be more fortunate in having Roy back again this year to create more waves with another underwater shoot.

Lee Folkard Photography: How did you discover your passion for photography?
Roy: I’ve always had a camera in my hands, even in my younger days. It all began with my dad’s film camera with being rationed by how many shots I could take. I suppose in a way, having to be so careful in choosing which shots to take, I developed an eye for what would translate well onto camera. I started off on the business side with shooting interiors, architecture, and award functions mainly, and I then progressed onto weddings. I’m also currently the official photographer for owned by James Carlsen. I developed my own style as I worked more and then moved on to lingerie and now I have also branched out into fitness photography. Having such a wide array of interests in the field always challenges me and I love the constant desire it gives me to improve.

LFP: What has been some of the best experiences for you as a photographer?
Roy: There are three main highlights for me from last year. I had the amazing opportunity of shooting a lingerie shoot at a New York studio and at Central Park. New York is an extremely inspiring location for a photographer and the work I did there benefitted me incredibly!  I also captured a traditional Zulu wedding on the top of the mountains with an amazing view in Izingolweni. This was such a new and different experience for me! And then, of course, the underwater shoot in #ProjectScouted Cycle 1 was momentous for me and also having it feature on the front page of the newspaper was awesome!

LFP: What would you say is the most important part of your job when photographing someone?
Roy: Capturing a part of their personality and their natural moments is one of the most important aspects of my job. It’s also important for the person I am shooting to feel comfortable enough to be herself and let her inner self shine through. This is why my Blush Boudoir tagline is “capturing the essence of who you are”.

LFP: Is there anyone that you dream of shooting?
Roy: It would be awesome to shoot my boudoir mentor, Christa Meola Economopoulos. She has been a great inspiration to me. I would also love to capture the winner of Project Runway Season 9, Anya AyoungChee. She has such an incredibly unique, fresh look. And then another dream shoot would be with the owner of the fitness brand Lorna Jane, Lorna Jane Clarkson. Lorna Jane has been an intrinsic part of my fitness work and I love the positivity the brand stands for.

LFP: What makes for an interesting image?
Roy: I feel that there are several factors in making for a great image; location, planning, the model, appropriate wardrobe choice, the right posing for the shoot, getting a good team together and then finally a positive energy during the shoot is a must. If there is a good vibe on location, the images immediately have a spark to them.

LFP: Having been a part of #ProjectScouted last year, what made you want to be a part of it again this year?
Roy: Anyone who is a part of the Project will find themselves collaborating and working with a team that is striving towards the same goal of creating beautiful images. This is extremely inspiring for any creative person. Also I find that the photographers all push each other to do better and push the boundaries of their capabilities. We all want to see each other get better at what we do.

LFP: Do you have any tips for the #ProjectScouted girls you will be shooting?
Roy: Always have a positive attitude! And also prepare for your shoots in advance by looking up posing ideas and practicing them and work on different facial expressions.

LFP: It’s going to be difficult to better your shoot from last year. Are you willing to share any info about the phase you are shooting in the Project this year?
Roy: Well, let’s just say there will be a little twist this time. It is going to be much more challenging for the girls and also for me. But just to reassure the girls; they will not have to freeze the way the girls did last year!

The date for Roy’s shoot is still to be confirmed but will take place at Crawford College La Lucia with the girls being dressed by Lorna Jane and with lighting being taken care of by Broadcast Lighting. The Top 6 girls need to prepare themselves; this one won’t be for the fainthearted.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Phase 8 Brief : #ProjectScouted

Underwater sports, props will be provided.

The girls need to practice going 2M – 3M underwater and doing poses that will represent the sport they have been allocated. 

When getting down for there shot they will need to blow all their air out to be able to stay down for a few seconds in their pose, opening your moth slightly will stop the girls looking like they are holding their breath.

Plan on 3 poses and look at places like Getty images for ideas 

Shoot Details

Venue: Crawford La Lucia
Date: Tuesday 5th

Calling Time: 4:40pm / 5pm  (Make-Up to start promptly at 17:00)

Start Time: 5:45pm / 6pm
Finish Time: 7pm / 7:30pm

Kristan – Tennis
Belinda – Running
Kirsten – Volleyball
Michelle – Hockey
Sansha – Hurdles
Michaela – High Jump