Thursday, May 28, 2015

Your #ProjectScouted Top 3 – Belinda Eloff

Belinda Eloff is doing her scout, Aimee Nel, extremely proud, especially because she is living up to her team’s name of the #ATeam. Belinda has been a strong contender from the beginning and now having reached the Top 3, she is really glad that she listened to Aimee – who she’s been friends with for a few years – and took the plunge into the adventure of #ProjectScouted.

Lee Folkard Photography: So what is Belinda doing currently, other than being one of the beautiful #ProjectScouted Top 3 ladies?
Belinda: I am currently working full-time at a laser and graphics company as a graphic and general designer. I’m doing some really exciting stuff in my life at the moment!

LFP: Do you have any previous modelling experience that helped you in the Project?
Belinda: I had done a basic course for fun but I’ve never done any photoshoots or anything close to what I have experienced in the Project, so basically no. This is all new to me!

LFP: What was the most memorable phase in the Project for you?
Belinda: Most definitely Phase 9!

LFP: Which phase did you find to be the most difficult?
Belinda: The underwater phase was definitely the most difficult. I'm not a fan of swimming or water (unless it’s warm or to drink – haha!). I was really out of my comfort zone but I think the encouragement from everyone who was there along with that warm shower before definitely got me through it. Also, Roy was incredibly understanding about the struggles we were experiencing.

LFP: If you could, would you change anything you did in the Project?
Belinda: Not at all! I regret nothing from the Project. It's been a beautiful journey.

LFP: If you were to win #ProjectScouted Cycle 2, what would you attribute it to?
Belinda: I am honestly just so abstract. I'm a strange kid; the epitome of contrast and versatility. Well, at least I like to think so!

LFP: If you are not chosen as the winner, which of the other girls, from all the other phases included, would you have liked to be the winner?
Belinda: I can’t choose just one! Genevieve Steenkamp or Michaela Carter, definitely.

LFP: How has being a part of #ProjectScouted changed your life in the past few months?
Belinda: I have been extremely busy on weekends firstly, but I have also grown so much as an individual. I have developed a new sense of gratitude for people and it's not only a change that has lasted a few months, but it will be a change that will be with me forever.

LFP: What has the Project taught you?
Belinda: I am more capable than I often think. I have learned that there are still so many beautiful souls in the world and that you can literally do anything if you believe in yourself strongly enough.

LFP: Having the experience of the Project now behind your name, where do you see yourself going from here?
Belinda: I am definitely looking to join an agency as soon as possible. The Project has given me a hunger for modelling and motivated me even further. I will continue to work hard and play hard, and shmodellll!

LFP: Do you have any advice for the girls who would like to be scouted to be a part of the Project next year?
Belinda: Dooooo it! Never let an opportunity like this pass you by. Be brave and confident and throw yourself into it fully.

LFP: Your parting shot?
Belinda: #ProjectScouted has been the most beautiful experience of my life. Every moment has been memorable and I have never met such an amazing group of people. It's a family, and anyone that is presented the opportunity to be a part of it should embrace it with open arms.

The final photoshoot, the Top 3 shoot, takes place on Saturday the 30th of May.  Will Belinda be our girl?

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