Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Charelle McAllister, #ProjectScouted’s stunning make-up artist

As beautiful as the looks she creates, Charelle McAllister ofMake-up by Charelle will be returning to the #ProjectScouted team this year after her work at last year’s Project blew everyone away. Having fallen in love with make-up as a child as she watched her mother put on red lipstick, Charelle is as passionate about beautifying and boosting confidence even now years later.

1.    Your work was absolutely breathtaking at last year’s Project! What motivated you to come on board again this year?
Thank you for saying my work was "absolutely breathtaking" at last year's Project! (Blush) It was such an experience for me to be able to be involved in such a successful Project, where so many professionals from different fields of artistry could connect and work with one another not only for the networking, but for helping the #ProjectScouted ladies. I also think that this is an awesome opportunity for the girls to be recognized for their diversity of skills they bring to the camera, as well as their uniqueness and natural beauty.  I could see and feel how awesome the idea behind Lee’s Projects is and I feel honored to be a part of this one as well.  To be involved feels so right!

2.    What did you enjoy most about the Project last year?
I loved the different phase briefs and concepts by the photographers!  It was always 'not known' (well, on my side anyway), and the surprise of what was expected from the ladies to get the "feel/message" across also challenged my skills to help the ladies get into character.

3.    What do you think is the best aspect of #ProjectScouted?
I feel NETWORKING is the best aspect here. It's not only what you know, but also who you know  that helps you to grow.

4.    Having worked with some of the girls last year, do you have any tips on how they can improve from last year’s participants?
Girls, enjoy yourselves. Let go and have fun! Don't be so hard on yourselves and let YOU come through.

5.    Thinking back to your makeup for the “Day of the Dead” shoot shot by Jerome Stoffels last year; do you do a trial before you have a big look to pull off? How do you prepare for something so different and intricate?
I was so nervous for this one, but I think the nervousness was partly due to it being an exciting look and something different where makeup was key. Honestly, no preparation or trial was done to prepare for that look, other than me being on Google to get different ideas of skull painting.  I love contrast, so I personally decided to go black and white. My male models were the handsome Brissett twins so once I had done Keelan's face, I pretty much just had to follow the same bone structure for Chad.  My ladies in that phase basically got creations I thought of as they sat down.  I had loads of freedom to create!

6.    What do you love most about being a makeup artist?
I love seeing how beautiful I can help someone feel.  It is truly rewarding to contribute to someone's confidence or very special day.  Make-up is basically enhancing what is already there.  Sometimes it happens where I see someone who sees themselves as beautiful for the first time, it is special for me to help them see that they always have been beautiful.

7.    What has been your most memorable experience as a makeup artist?
I had a client once who had very fair skin and darker enlarged pigmentation marks over the majority of her face.  She had never managed to entirely conceal her pigmentation herself in the past.  Once I had finished her makeup and she saw herself for the first time (there was no mirror infront of her) her reaction was worth everything to me.  I could see her confidence lift instantly.  I felt so happy I could do that for her!

Follow the progress of the #ProjectScouted girls on their journeys through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and now even YouTube with behind-the-scenes videos being posted regularly. Check out Charelle’s work on her Instagram account,@makeupbycharelle, as well as through the Project’s dedicated Instagram page. It’s difficult to imagine how Charelle could possibly outdo her work from last year, but we’re pretty sure that she will.

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