Friday, May 29, 2015

The awesome #ProjectScouted sponsors – Larisa Terblanche owner and designer of Larisa MODA

Larisa Terblanche of Larisa MODA, moda translating to fashion or in style in Spanish, is a truly inspirational woman. Balancing her family, being a wonderful mother to two little girls, and running a business has become second nature for Larisa. Her philosophy when it comes to the garments she creates is that just as a woman should not only be beautiful on the outside but also beautiful on the inside; clothing should be just the same. Larisa says that one could even wear her dresses turned inside-out! It is this attention to detail and quest for excellence that has made Larisa MODA such a successful and reputable label and why #ProjectScouted has formed such a good relationship with the brand.

1.    How did you first get involved in #ProjectScouted?
I was invited by founder of #ProjectScouted, Lee Folkard, to be a part of Project Trinity in 2013. The #ProjectScouted girls also modelled my garments for the underwater shoot shot by Roy Esterhuysen last year.

2.    Having been a sponsor for last year’s Project, what made you want to be a part of it again this year?
I enjoyed working with Lee and the #ProjectScouted team on the previous Project and I was delighted to be invited again.

3.    What do you love most about the Project?
I love meeting new people and getting the opportunity of having my clothing featured in such unique and unusual shoots which is often quite rare for Durban.

4.    How did you find your passion for designing and creating clothing?
I started to create clothes for myself from a very young age and it was a natural decision to study Fashion Design after I finished school. I have always loved beautiful things, even though I didn’t come from a very well-to-do family. I even designed and made my matric dance dress. Ever since then, I have never regretted choosing this career.

5.    What was the very first thing you designed and made?
I made outfits for my dolls!

6.    What is the most rewarding aspect of your work?
I enjoy the actual process of making garments and the greatest reward is to see Larisa MODA creations living a beautiful life; going to special events and even travelling the world. I feel like my garments have a life of their own after I have created them and handed them over to my clients.

7.    What is the best aspect of being a designer based in Durban?
The weather! The weather is always changing but is always fashion-friendly. I love that!

8.    Are you willing to share any info about your phase in the Project?
My phase will be closer to the end of the Project. I will still be having a coffee date with Lee to discuss the details. Thereafter the theme of my phase will be announced. But it is definitely going to be even bigger than the underwater shoot last year.

It is not difficult to see why Larisa’s heart lies with her one-on-one work with her clients; she cares as much about the garments she creates as the people who will wear them. Check out Larisa’s Facebook page at for her latest ranges, including her new range of luxury crochet swimwear. Also follow the official #ProjectScoutedInstagram page for the date and venue of Larisa’s phase, and the girls who have made it through, as well as of all other upcoming phases. Remember, the #ProjectScouted team would love to see you at the shoots and events which are all open to the public.

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