Sunday, May 3, 2015

Phase 8 Brief : #ProjectScouted

Underwater sports, props will be provided.

The girls need to practice going 2M – 3M underwater and doing poses that will represent the sport they have been allocated. 

When getting down for there shot they will need to blow all their air out to be able to stay down for a few seconds in their pose, opening your moth slightly will stop the girls looking like they are holding their breath.

Plan on 3 poses and look at places like Getty images for ideas 

Shoot Details

Venue: Crawford La Lucia
Date: Tuesday 5th

Calling Time: 4:40pm / 5pm  (Make-Up to start promptly at 17:00)

Start Time: 5:45pm / 6pm
Finish Time: 7pm / 7:30pm

Kristan – Tennis
Belinda – Running
Kirsten – Volleyball
Michelle – Hockey
Sansha – Hurdles
Michaela – High Jump


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