Friday, May 15, 2015

#ProjectScouted’s hair whisperer– Kezia Myatt

The fabulous owner of Make-Me-Up, Kezia Myatt, will be stepping in to style the hair of our Top 5 #ProjectScouted ladies. Although she is a master at both hair and make-up, Kezia will be focused on ensuring the girls’ crowning glory pulls together their looks for the remaining themes.

Lee Folkard Photography: How did you hear about #ProjectScouted and how did you get involved?
Kezia: I heard about #ProjectScouted through my wondrous friend and fellow makeup artist, Charelle McAllistair.

LFP: What encouraged you to come on board as a #ProjectScouted sponsor?
Kezia: I think #ProjectScouted is an amazing platform to let one’s creative juices flow! Last year I had a taste of it at the Day of the Dead shoot and this year I want more!

LFP: How did you find your passion for hairstyling?
Kezia: For me, hairstyling came after my passion for make-up. I feel that the two go hand-in-hand, so I decided to study hair after having done make-up for a couple of years.

LFP: Working with so many different types of hair must be difficult. How do you decide on which look will work best for your clients?
Kezia: When I do hair, mostly, I am given a brief from a client, designer or stylist. If those briefs are way off for a particular shape face, I try to gently guide them into a more flattering look. The hair frames the face and its importance shouldn’t be taken for granted.

LFP: What was your very first hairstyling job like?
Kezia: My first hairstyling job was terrifying! Of course I knew what I was doing, but I wasn't sure if my interpretation would turn out the way it had been explained to me! But hair, at the end of the day I believe, is just about letting your fingers run free!

LFP: What is the most rewarding aspect of your work for you?
Kezia: The thing I find most rewarding about doing hair is the transformation it can give to a style. It can add texture, vibrancy, body, and shape. Creating a whole new look for a person’s face. I absolutely love doing brides and mothers of brides! I find that everyday clients tend to be the most gracious and feel most impacted by a change of hairdo or just that special feeling that comes with getting one’s hair done.

LFP: What are you looking forward to the most in working with the #ProjectScouted girls? They’re really excited to be getting their hair done by you!
Kezia: That’s so awesome because I am so looking forward to working with them! This year I am most looking forward to helping the #ProjectScouted girls transform themselves into their inner supermodel! Along with the makeup team, I only hope to make their ideas and dreams come to life!

Our Top 5 ladies are a very fortunate group. After having their extreme makeovers done by the amazing Gerald Wells team, they continue to get the opportunity of working with the best in the industry, Kezia being one of those infectiously passionate people, to help them reach their full potential in their #ProjectScouted journey.

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