Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Brief for Phase Nine of #ProjectScouted

Hi Team.


Location- Midlands.

Simz and myself will leave at 12.30

We have a location in mind - indoors in one of the little store which has very boho furniture from Bali. This can only be confirmed on Monday. 

The second location is a forest which we will still need to scout once we are up there while hair and make up is being done. 

Vintage feel // Bohemian // fee- spirit. 

Girls make up simple, dark brows and nude lips. Hair messy as per ref pic attached. (Kylie Jenner on right)

5 looks: one for each girl.

1. Black Crochet Gypsy Dress with hats boots necklaces...
2. Long Lace Kimono, printed tee and shorts, hat and accessories. 
3. Long Lace Kimono, printed tee and shorts, hat and accessories.
4. Statement tee with lace shorts and accessories. Barefoot. 
5. Denim Wait Coat, loose dress and grungy shirt. boots hat and accessories. 

We hope to start the shooting at 2pm 

Trust all is on order.

Looking forward to shooting :)



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