Friday, May 29, 2015

Your #ProjectScouted Top 3 – Sansha Lambert

Tamlyn and Warren Gabin’s discovery, Sansha Lambert, may only be in grade 11 but she’s proven her mettle in front of the camera like a pro. Being scouted by Warren through Instagram without having any modelling experience, Sansha has still managed to become a favourite in the Project whilst balancing her school life.

Lee Folkard Photography: Have you always lived in Durban?
Sansha: I lived in Limpopo for a few years after I was born and then moved to Durban.

LFP: Which phase of the Project stands out for you?
Sansha: The most memorable phase for me was definitely Phase 6, the fashion show!

LFP: And which phase was the most difficult personally? How did you come through triumphantly?
Sansha: The most difficult phase was the underwater shoot, but getting a lot of support from my friends and scouts helped me incredibly.

LFP: If you could, would you do anything differently during the Project?
Sansha: Not a thing!

LFP: If you are not chosen as the winner, which of the other girls, from all the other phases included, would you have liked to be the winner?
Sansha: Kristan; she is always so bubbly and an inspiration to me. She has always been so supportive and I would like to thank her for always being by my side!

LFP: What do you think is the quality you have that sets you apart as the winner from the other girls?
Sansha: I think maybe my confidence. I'm not sure. I think the girls are all great.

LFP: Do you have any advice for the girls who would like to be scouted to be a part of the Project next year?
Sansha: Girls, you must have a blast. Don't be shy! This Project is an amazing experience. You meet so many people! But most importantly; be YOURSELF.

LFP: How has being a part of #ProjectScouted changed your life in the past few months?
Sansha: The Project has definitely helped me develop more confidence in myself and in front of the camera, and also encouraged me to be more open and be myself around other girls.

LFP: What have you learned about yourself – or about anything – during the Project?
Sansha: I have definitely gained more confidence over these last months and I have made some really close new friends as well. And I have learnt that I'm not as shy as I thought I was.

LFP: Having the experience of the Project now behind you, where do you see yourself going from here?
Sansha: I definitely see myself with a modelling career. I think I'll have an amazing time!

LFP: Some last words before the shoot?
Sansha: #ProjectScouted has been an amazing experience for me; I’ve enjoyed every step of the way – especially getting to meet such amazing people. This journey is definitely something I won't forget.

Is Sansha your favourite? Continue to show your support to the Top 3 girls on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube as they prepare for the Top 3 shoot taking place this Saturday the 30th of May. The time has come and there can only be one winner.

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