Thursday, October 28, 2010

As i was saying...

What next?

I will be working on the 3rd issue of the eNewsletter.
It should be sent out within the next few days. What will be in it?

A lil bit about Project i - of course... due to its success I have to give it some space.
Jade Ogle's concept shoot - She was one of the chosen ones from the mass photoshoot event.

oh - and the What Next Q will be answered. (",)

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What Next?

[ Project i ] now a distant memory: The winner being Lorin Redman who attained 226 VOTES in the 7 day period. Congrats again to her and all others that participated in some way to this spontaneous "Project"

The Top 5:
1. Lorin Redman
2. Tarryn Peters
3. Courtney Kok
4. Nicci Bedderson
5. Quintessa Ali

Lorin's shoot will be taking place on the 20th November 2010.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Story Behind Project i


This is the story of Project i (",)

Last week Friday morning I logged into my Facebook Fan Page and made a status that called upon people to post the name of a friend that they thought could be a model.
An innocent post to create some interactivity.
5 hours later a response of more than 60 names put forward promted me to do something more.

Fast thinking, I decided that we'd do a little Project.

Project i was born!
Of the 60 + nominees I had recieved - 35 came forward and submitted their pictures.

What followed in the week ahead was a frenzy to accumulate votes.
Working within the confines of facebook is not the simplist of tasks but I believe that the overall success of the Project i has been amazing!

With a few hours left there seem to be 2 entrants leading the pack. Only 1 will be a winner. Just a little update in case anyone wanted to know.

Whilst a large part of accumulating votes via this system is down to popularity and who has friends that will go the extra mile or in this case click - many entrants have amassed votes from people who came on to vote for someone else then saw other pictures that they also liked. Which highlights the beauty of facebook and how it is able to link people together. I guess we all appreciate beauty in life.

I must thank all those that entered and submitted their pictures. It takes a lot to put yourself forward for others to judge and rate you as an individual (especially since this is based purely on appearance) - I applaud and admire you all for doing so.

An even bigger thank you must go to the people who initially responded to the status. Without you - this would never have even began! So thanks a lot.

For all the newcomers that have joined my Fan Page during this voting process - I hope you stick around and see what else may come in the future. Lee Folkard Photography needs you. With you I can create memories and moments, that we can both share.

Packages may be obtained for the following:
  • Wedding
  • Portfolios
  • Events
  • Family Portraits
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The End

Oops! For those that wanted to know what the i in Project i stands for:

Impromptu (",)  THANKS.

Monday, October 11, 2010

It's been a while...

Yes yes - I have not posted in ages! I apologize -
Been busy busy - so expect an influx of posts...

I will be uploading a few pix of Jade Ogle's Concept Shoot - She was one of the winners of the Mass PhotoShoot. Theme: Amazonian Bondage... more to come soon.

Enjoy :)