Wednesday, September 25, 2019

#ProjectScouted - Phase 2

If you've made it you phase two - Congratulations.

I'll start off by saying there will be a massive cut after this phase. So if you're gonna set yourself apart; now's the time! Strike a strong pose with lots of personality!

Time: 11:30 AM
Venue: Florida Road (exact location will be given to you by your scouts by Friday)

There will be 4 predetermined groups.
Each group assigned to a photographer.
You will be given your assigned photographer and the spot you will meet them on Florida Road before Sunday.

The 4 photographers shooting PHASE 2 are:

Byron Bowler : INSTAGRAM
Courtney Warren : INSTAGRAM
Jerome Govender : INSTAGRAM
Ridhwaan Rangraje : INSTAGRAM

You will need to shoot one image with your assigned photographer.
That's it - Once done - You may leave.


(outfit should match your personality)
Hair & Makeup should compliment your look.


Please note: Phase 3 will take place on Saturday 5th October. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

All you need to know about Phase One and the launch of Project Scouted Cycle 5

If you've been scouted and have filled in your form and sent it to your scout; keep reading.

If not: Please get that done first. Without the form being submitted - You will not be able to get into the venue. If your scout has not filled you in on details - please DM @projectscouted on IG - like now. 

Okay - those that are supposed to be here reading. Ready for Sunday? 
A few important activation points before you find out the theme and stuff. 


1. You need to post a selfie on INSTAGRAM on Friday the 13th before 17:00. 
This selfie will be your "Entry Pass" into the venue. (an actual post NOT a story)
Without it - you will not be allowed into the venue and won't be able to partake in the first phase - we don't want that.

Your caption should read along these lines: Can't wait to attend the launch of @projectscouted this Sunday with my scout: @_______________ (scout name here) at @olympusdurban 
Once in the venue - feel free to delete this post. No hard feelings

2. On the day of the launch: 
If you are under 18; you will need to bring your parent/guardian with to sign your form. They don't have to stay but they are also more than welcome to. They must be there with you to sign the form. 
Remember- you need to be 16 or older to be in the project. 

The tags and hashtags for the day: @projectscouted #ProjectScouted @olympusdurban
For stories and posts. 
The tags and stuff just help us with reposting content. This isn't a requirement - just a suggestion. 

Details of launch: 

Venue: Olympus Durban (the old Kulture)
Address: 16 Walls Avenue, Durban
Time: 14:00 (duration should be approx. 2/3 hours)


A) Arrive at the required time - with your IG selfie as entry
B) Find your scout (hopefully they are on time also) If not, message them and find out where they are. They will have the forms that you need to sign.
C) Sign indemnity forms (with parent if under 18)
D) Your scouts would have by now briefed you on 3 things you need to do before leaving the venue.
These may be done in any order BUT must be done before leaving the venue.

Make up and hair can be done however you see fit. There is NO requirement for hair and makeup for this phase. 

Dress code: Denim and White or Denim or White. (MUST BE BLUE DENIM)

Thank you for reading all the way till the end. More details will be given to you on the day by your scouts. See you Sunday. Have fun. Enjoy. Let your personality shine.

Side note: 
The venue (Olympus) will be selling drinks and food should you or your parents wish to get anything from them.
The venue is also having an event after our launch which if you are 18 or older; you may stay for on your own accord. 

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Official Scouts of Project Scouted Cycle 5

Scouts will be responsible for keeping you informed of details for the duration of the project.

The scout who chooses you will be your first point of contact throughout the project.

The scouts for cycle 5


If they aren't on this list - they aren't part of our scouting team.

Project Scouted Cycle 5

It's coming.

Requirements to be part of the project:
16 and older (as of 07-09-2019)
Must be available for each phase that you're in (project lasts approx. 3 months)
Durban, KZN is our home ground (You will need to be able to get to and from locations)
females only
Your instagram account must be set to public for your duration in the project
if you are under 18 -  a parent will need to be present at the launch phase

How to get scouted?
Upload an image to your story now
TAG @projectscouted
HASHTAG: I want to be part of #projectscouted
Your account MUST be set to PUBLIC
We won't be able to FIND you if your account is set to private
If your account is NOT set to public prior to posting - repost again after

A list of official scouts by their IG handles will be available on this blog in a separate post
If they aren't listed on this page or our IG account - they are NOT part of our team.
Please report/screenshot any fraudulent interactions and send through to the project scouted account for us to follow up.

The procedure: 
one of our official scouts will contact you to be part of their team.
more than one scout may approach you - you then have to decide which to choose.
once you've chosen your scout and filled in and sent back the form that they will send to you -
you cannot change your scout
should you be in the position to choose a scout - take time to make a decision

Launch/Start date: To be announced

Please note: The scouting period can end at any time from start. Get your forms back ASAP. Good luck.