Monday, March 23, 2015

The #ProjectScouted Top 35 enchant in Phase Four

The #ProjectScouted crew didn’t mind at all coming out to Phase Four at Mitchell Park on Human Rights Day this past Saturday as Jessica Lee of Van.Go Photography brilliantly executed her “enchanted” concept shoot. The Top 35 ladies were put through their paces in Phase Three last week as they were photographed by Lee Folkard himself on a jumping castle at Fairway on Northlands Pre-Primary, and so were allowed a bit of a respite with this more casual, relaxed shoot in a laid-back setting.

The ladies arrived ready to have their makeup done by the talented graduates of Make-up the College once again; with bold, vibrant eye make-up and nude lips. Jessica’s inspiration behind this shoot was to have the ladies seem as if they were mythical creatures, completely of the earth but seeming as if they are far too beautiful to belong in this world. She aimed at helping the ladies channel their inner beauty and to express every little girl’s fantasy of living in a dream world. And she definitely succeeded, as her images will clearly depict.

With long pieces of fabric creatively draped over the ladies to reveal just enough skin to afford the images a sensual element but more than enough coverage to remain classy and elegant, the ladies were guided with their posing by Iman Sheik – our resident professional model – and Jessica as she bravely shot the girls from a ladder leaned against a tree. Jessica was every bit in her element and remained her mischievous and breezy self throughout the humid morning.

It was a morning of relaxation and socializing with Just Green providing the background score to the shoot, which is always a hit with the girls. Even the families and kids around the park appreciated the music as they were drawn to watch the shoot unfold.

Make sure to subscribe to our videographers’, Robbie Muller and Stefan Rust’s, YouTube channels to see the brilliant behind-the-scenes videos posted from each week’s phase. Speaking about the fun Stefan is having documenting the Project’s evolution, he said, “The Project has opened me up to Durban and has introduced me to so many creative people. It has especially been exciting having the opportunity to experiment with each edit.” These guys, as well as our Project photographers, have done a fantastic job so far of capturing the experience of each phase through their artistic work.

Our ethereal #ProjectScouted beauties will be afforded a two week break before the next shoot to regroup and reflect on their journeys so far as well as to improve their game before they come back for Phase Five. Only 25 of our 35 ladies will go through with the list being revealed within the week. We are in awe of these girls and everyone who has been involved in the Project so far! And this is just the beginning.

Behind-the-scenes images by Lee Folkard Photography

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The #ProjectScouted team behind the camera – Jessica Van Goeverden of Van.Go Photography

Edgy, daring, striking; Jessica Van Goeverden of Van.GoPhotography is as suited to being in front of the camera as she is being behind it. You might recognize her as the face behind some of last year’s images as well as the behind the scenes pics and having formed such a bond with the #ProjectScouted team, Jess is back again this year with even more creativity and vision.

1.    What inspired the name Van.Go Photography?
Anyone who has met me or who knows me can say my surname is quite a mouth full so I had to figure a name that would be catchy and to-the-point. “Van.Go” is derived from “Van Goeverden” and it is also a tribute to the great painter Vincent Van Gogh, as I have a very artistic approach to photography.

2.    What do you currently do?
Currently, I have been all over the place. Still in holiday mode, if I am to be honest, but I have been working as a freelance photographer, photographing various events as well as working on my own personal style which is more towards abstract and nude photography.

3.    Having been a part of #ProjectScouted last year as a photographer, what do you love the most about the Project?
Lee Folkard brought together a team of beautifully-minded, creative souls, who are now not just a team, but a family. We have all helped each other grow in each one’s careers as well. #WeDoItForThePeople
4.    What were some of the best moments during the Project last year for you?
I wouldn’t say I have a favourite moment, but I do feel that there were significant parts of the Project that made it what it is. Ryan Francis, the man behind Shoelaced Clothing got to showcase his very own clothing line in a fashion show and that for me was a proud moment. He has grown so much from then and these are the moments I truly treasure, where hard work and a loving team makes the biggest difference.

5.    How did you discover your passion for photography?
I have definitely not been born with a logical, mathematical mind. My entire life has consisted of doodles and paint, and now I “paint with light”, which is a term photographers use. I knew that photography would be a passion.

6.    What do you love most about photographing people?
When I photograph people, I capture them the way I perceive them. I love that I can create anything I desire from something so simple, using facial and body expression to manipulate the human eye as well as one’s emotions.

7.    Is there anyone that you dream of shooting?
Cara Delevigne, she is badass!

8.    What are some of the images you’ve shot that you are most proud of?
I am most proud of the image I took of my gran last year for an assignment. The image was of her sitting in a vintage chair in her lacy underwear holding a cigarette. Despite her aged skin and “imperfect” body, she was beautiful, absolutely breathtaking.

9.    Any tips for the #ProjectScouted girls that you are going to be shooting?
No bribes accepted... Unless its Lindt chocolate...

10. Are you willing to share any info about the phase you are shooting in the Project?
Wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise, would we?

Remember to check out the #ProjectScouted Instagram page, the Project having taken on a life of its own, for the latest info, images and updates. And note that all events and shoots are open to the public free of charge. We can’t wait to see what Jess has planned for the #ProjectScouted girls this year!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

#ProjectScouted - Phase 4 Brief

Brief by Jessica Lee:

Photographer-Van.Go photography (Jessica Lee Van Goeverden)

Theme- Enchanted
Date and time- 21st March, 8am
Venue- Mitchells park, Morningside

This phase, I have chosen the theme enchanted, A chance for the ladies to channel their inner beauty and live in a day of every girls fantasy.


The hair should be curly with lots of volume, or in a loose plat accompanied by a flower crown which is optional.

Dress code- All girls must wear a boob tube top and hot pants - you will be provided with the garment when on location. 


I have gone with a very artistic approach for the makeup, Using a lot of colour over the entire eye and a nude lip. Girls must arrive with just their base colour on.
Make up will be done by: Make-Up the College (arrive with foundation on)


 The ladies will pose in different lying patterns on a bed of flowers, with the material spread out in creative ways.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Kidding around at #ProjectScouted Phase Three

Don't you ever wish you could be a kid again, even just for a day? Well, the #ProjectScouted ladies got to experience just that this past Sunday at the Phase Three shoot held at Fairway on Northlands Pre-Primary, a venue found by our awesome venue scout, Cathy Vere of Hedgehog Party Service, where the theme was "Let's be kids again". Much of the anticipation preceding the shoot was owed to the man himself, Lee Folkard, being announced as the Phase Three photographer. These Top 40 ladies were extremely fortunate indeed!

None of the girls knew what to expect as they arrived on location dressed in their vibrant colour-blocking outfits ready to have their makeup done by the skilled and meticulous graduates of Make-upthe College. The lovely Jacqui Bannerman, owner of the college, also dropped by and was every bit the proud mentor as she watched her girls work with finesse. The venue hinted at a fun and playful shoot but no one suspected that the shoot would actually take place on a jumping castle. It may sound a lot more difficult than it actually is and although the shoot required focus and intuition, it’s hard not to enjoy bouncing around on a jumping castle. The day turned out to be one of play and silliness.

The Redbull Wings Team also popped in to give the girls an extra boost of much-needed energy. Rounding this off with Just Green - Deon Francis, #ProjectScouted's official DJ - on the decks with his nephew, designer Ryan Francis's son, also joining in with a few scratches, the day was an incredible success.

But it wasn’t just the girls and the team who had a fantastic time; the parents, friends, and family who accompanied their girls to the shoot had just as great a day. Yvette Kruger, mom of Jami-Lee, enjoyed some popcorn while chatting to the other girls’ families and friends. She said, “It’s great to come to these shoots and see my daughter having such a good time. She’s at school all week and I also have to work a lot so it’s quality time that we can spend together while she also gets to socialise. These shoots have made our weekends so far great!” Keenan Hustler, accompanying his 18-year-old niece, Britnee, had an awesome Sunday as well, saying, “The shoots have such a cool atmosphere and we always have a great time. And we love the music!”

Kristan Oldewage from #TeamMonroe, currently at St. Henry’s Marist Brother’s College and whose photobooth strip won best image in Phase One, and her mom, Belinda, especially appreciate the build-up leading to each phase. Belinda said, “I love the excitement before the shoots; you never know what to expect! It’s so exciting for the girls to just come ready in their outfits and find out what they will be doing on the day. I also must commend everyone involved in the Project. Although there are a lot of young people involved, everything is done in such a professional manner. As a mom, I really appreciate that and it puts my mind at ease.”

Behind-the-scenes images will be shared on the Lee Folkard Photography page as our committed photographers upload them as well as the videos by Stefan Rust and Robbie Muller. There may be a few things that will surprise you, like the appearance of The Clown who loves to gatecrash the shoots. With Phase Three being this crazy, we can’t wait for Phase Four next weekend.  We will see you there!

Thank you to Roy Esterhuysen for the images.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

The awesome #ProjectScouted sponsors – Cathy Vere of Hedgehog Party Service

Durban is a treasure trove. Think of all the awesome venues that #ProjectScouted shoots and events have taken place at and you will see that this is true. Upping our game from last year, this cycle of the Project sees us calling on the professional and unique services of Cathy Vere, owner of Hedgehog Party Service, to be a scout in her own right – a venue scout, that is.

Lee Folkard Photography: How did you hear about #ProjectScouted & how did you get involved?
Cathy: I've known Lee for years. As a Marketing Consultant for Barclays/Absa, Lee Folkard was one of our preferred suppliers. I have followed the Project from day one. Now that I have opened my own events company I can finally get involved. Lee invited me to be part of the Project in order to provide him with support.

LFP: What made you want to become a #ProjectScouted sponsor?
Cathy: I just want to share my knowledge and expertise and services. It’s also a great way to build on my business relationship with Lee Folkard Photography and also to network with other business owners.

LFP: How did you get involved in the events industry?
Cathy: I applied for a job as a Compliance Officer but my manager identified my strengths and skills in planning our head office functions. It wasn’t long before I became an Events Consultant for Absa Group Marketing.

LFP: What advice would you give to someone wanting to work in the events industry?
Cathy: Definitely invest in a short Project Management course. Find your niche and know your stuff! Keep updated with what’s in and what’s not. It takes more than just a love of a great party to succeed in this fast-paced field; you’ve got to have an eye for detail and an ability to handle constant deadlines and pressure.

LFP: What is the best part of your work?
Cathy: I love selecting food and d├ęcor with my clients, working with different people, and spending my days at cool venues instead of behind a desk. It’s also awesome conceptualizing with my client’s to bring their dream and ideas into reality and then watching the reaction of my clients at the event. Its great seeing the end product.

LFP: What is a typical day like for you?
Cathy: It’s incredibly busy, especially having two little ones! We have also just opened up a new store so I have been spending lots of time there. Juggling my family and upcoming events is lots of hard work.  But it all pays off at the end of the day.

LFP: With Durban being a relatively small city, how do you constantly find trendy, new venues for events?
Cathy: Social networks are my most useful tools. Print media is also very helpful. I tier my information according to clients’ requirements.
LFP: What criteria are you using when scouting for venues for the Project?
Cathy: I look at what the new generation is into these days. The 21st century girls and boys are always inventing a new fashion or trend. They have their regular "chill-out" spots that I've taken note of. Venues also need to enhance the week’s theme.

Like the Hedgehog Party Service Facebokpage to keep updated on all Cathy’s events and to also see the interesting venues she discovers for the various Project shoots and events. Don’t forget that Phase Three takes place this Sunday, 15 March, at Fairway on Northlands Pre-Primary with the theme “Let’s be kids again”, and we want to see you there!

Friday, March 13, 2015

The exceptional #ProjectScouted judges – Shelley Buckle, not your typecast pageant queen

Shelley Buckle – now Shelley Ferreira, having been married fairly recently – is not a name unknown in Durban and even in South Africa. She has made a huge impact on the local modelling industry, especially in beauty pageantry, and has managed to remain genuine and steer clear of becoming a stereotypical pageant girl. Having lived in Umhlanga for all 24 years of her life, she currently still lives in the same area with her husband. Shelley describes herself as “humble, fun and generous” and it is easy to agree. Read more about this remarkable girl below, who is the final judge in our #ProjectScouted panel.

Lee Folkard Photography: What is Shelley’s life like? You currently work as a graphic designer, are newly married, and you also have your modelling career on the side.
Shelley: My life is hectically busy! I’m busy all the time, but I love it! It keeps my life interesting and fun. I look forward to seeing where I will be in 10 years time!

LFP: What inspired you to choose your career in graphic design?
Shelley: I’ve always been a creative individual, with my love of painting having started at the tender age of 6! I knew that my career would involve the creative industry, and so chose to pursue Graphic Design.

LFP: And how did the modelling begin?
Shelley: It actually started as a confidence-booster when I was 11 years old. My mom would enter me in small modelling competitions, hoping that it would help me to break out of my shell, and she was right! It has shaped me in so many ways, and has made me into the person I am today.

LFP: There have been so many highlights and achievements in your modelling career. Tell us what stands out for you.
Shelley: Winning Miss Deaf SA and being able to attend Miss Deaf World still stands out as a huge achievement for me. I still remember that exact moment being announced as the winner of MDSA on stage, and then being rushed off for a live TV interview straight after!

LFP: Now that you are focussing on your marriage and your career in graphic design, how does modelling fit in?
Shelley: My modelling comes after everything and when I have the time to do it, it happens. Otherwise, the love of my life comes first now.

LFP: It is quite rare to see someone so humble and sincere in the modelling and pageant industry. How do you remain grounded?
Shelley: I try not to let the little things bother me and to push through it all. I believe in taking negative situations and seeing the positive in of them.

LFP: What is the one thing you would like everyone to know about Shelley?
Shelley: I am an extremely hard-working individual and am passionate about the deaf community. I try to be involved as much as I can with charity initiatives. I believe we all have a part to play in giving back.

LFP: How did you hear about #ProjectScouted?
Shelley: I heard about #ProjectScouted when it first started last year, especially since it was gaining so much attention on social media. I think it’s a fantastic initiative and really showcases the hidden talent we have in Durban!

LFP: What motivated you to agree to be one of the judges for the Project?
Shelley: It’s an honour to be a part of such a well-established brand and it would have been very hard to say “no”! Because of its success and its aim to showcase Durban talent, it definitely influenced my decision to be a part of the judging panel.

LFP: Are you willing to share any of the criteria you will be basing your judging on?
Shelley: I’m looking for spontaneity and originality; anything that makes me say “WOW!” on the first impression.

LFP: Do you have any advice for the girls participating in the Project, or for girls in the beauty pageant and modelling industry in general?
Shelley: The best advice I can give is to just be yourself and let your qualities show. Don’t try to be someone you’re not, be the best version of you.

Now that you have been introduced to the exceptional judging panel of #ProjectScouted Cycle 2, all you have to do is stay updated on the Lee Folkard Photography Facebook page as well as on Instagram to see the girls that make it through each phase. Also follow Shelley on Instagram @shelley_ferreira to see her living her inspired and inspiring life.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

The exceptional #ProjectScouted judges – Azhar Suleman, the model on a mission

Twenty-two-year-old Azhar Suleman has achieved more than most at his age and has taken the Cape Town modelling scene by storm with his fresh face and strong work ethic. Having moved to Cape Town only almost a year ago, this Durban boy has made many inroads in the industry and understands what it takes to make a success of oneself in front of the camera. The second of the three judges to be revealed, Azhar, who works as a full-time model, has an evident passion for the industry that he will be bringing to the #ProjectScouted official judging panel.

Lee Folkard Photography: So many guys and girls dream of working as a model on a daily basis. What is it like working as a full-time model?
Azhar: It's interesting, every day is a new experience, meeting new people and sharing different stories. But of course, it isn’t all glamour all the time. It is very hard work and you get out what you put in!

LFP: How did you become a model? Was it something you always wanted to do?
Azhar: Modelling actually came as a surprise to me. I was always an introvert and very self-conscious so when I eventually found myself in the industry by chance, I was quite surprised. But now that I am here, I can’t imagine doing anything else.

LFP: Have you always lived in Cape Town? What is it like living in the city?
Azhar: I haven’t always lived in Cape Town. I'm originally from Durban and only moved up to Cape Town in April 2014. It goes without saying that Cape Town is a beautiful city. It’s filled with beautiful places to see and people to meet. There's always something new and different to do. And the food is also just incredible!

LFP: What has been your proudest moment as a model?
Azhar: I wouldn't say there's a specific moment that I'm proud of. But I do still get really excited when I see myself in a magazine! I don't think that that feeling could ever change!

LFP: What do you think is the secret behind a good photo?
Azhar: Team work. A model has to portray the imagination of the client and photographer.  The end-product may not look good to some, but it is important to always give the client what they want.

LFP: What is the most important thing you have learnt in your modelling career, be it about your profession or about life?
Azhar: I've learnt that no matter how many compliments or negativity you get from others; always stay true to who you are and remain grounded. And this applies to working as a model and also everyday life.

LFP: Any advice to the aspiring models that are participating in the Project?
Azhar: Confidence is your strongest weapon; always believe in yourself.

LFP: How did you hear about #ProjectScouted and what motivated you to agree to being a judge?
Azhar: When Lee asked me to join the panel of judges, I didn’t think twice. It’s so exciting to be a part of something so brilliant happening in my hometown. And #ProjectScouted is trending on all the social media at the moment, so how could I not have heard about it?

LFP: Are you willing to share some of the criteria you will be basing your judging on?
Azhar: Hmm... I think I’d like to keep those criteria a little secret.

Azhar’s motto “Dream as if you will live forever, live as if you will die today” is one he bases his life on; he knows the value of every moment and of also carving one’s legacy. Perhaps this is a principle the #ProjectScouted ladies can also adopt along the way. Follow Azhar on Instagram @azhar_suleman and keep watching the Lee Folkard Photography page to see which girls make it through to Phase Four from Phase Three happening this Sunday.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The exceptional #ProjectScouted judges – Mary Lu, fashion blogger and lawyer extraordinaire

The #ProjectScouted judges will enter into the judging process from Phase Three onwards. The panel will consist of three exceptional people in their fields who will be judging the #ProjectScouted ladies based solely on their images; meaning that there could be no possibility of bias or subjectivity in their decisions. Our first judge to be revealed, Mary Lu, a fashion blogger at LoveMary Lu and a lawyer living in Johannesburg, has a pretty good idea of what composes a good image. Shooting on almost a daily basis for her blog, this stunning girl will be able to aptly judge whether the girls understand how they should portray themselves on camera based on the themes of the shoots and the way they have been styled.

1.    What inspired you to choose law as your career?
My dad always told me that I would make a great lawyer ever since I was in primary school but it wasn’t until I actually took Law courses at the University of Cape Town that I really got hooked onto Law. I actually studied both Psychology and Law so I was stuck in the middle when it came to choosing a post grad. But right up until my graduation, my end goal was to be an advocate. I just love how certain but also uncertain law can be, it makes work-life a little less mediocre.

2.    And how did your fashion blogging come about?
Actually, I started off as a beauty blogger because for as long as I can remember, I’ve always been obsessed with beauty products! I slowly incorporated fashion posts and pictures on my blog because I received a great response from my readers and, of course, I’ve always had an interest in beautiful outfits and clothing. 

3.    Although these are very different fields, they are both extremely demanding. How do you balance your blogging and your work as a lawyer?
Haha! Sometimes I think I don’t! It was almost impossible at first especially working in a big corporate law firm! But thank goodness for weekends and the help and support of my amazing man (his real job isn’t even photography!). 

4.    With the rise of fashion blogging, how do you make sure you stand out? What makes your brand different?
I must admit when I first started in 2011, there weren’t many South African bloggers at the time but now the industry has really grown and I’m really happy about it. It just shows that normal folks like us really have a say now and people out there are willing to listen, which is great! In order to “stand out” as a blogger, I think it’s really important to know yourself well and know who your target market is. I wouldn’t want to dress like someone other than myself but at the same time I wouldn’t post content that won’t interest my readers, that’s why it’s important to know your target market well. Honestly, I don’t think what I do and what other bloggers do is very different; the goal is the same. All bloggers enjoy blogging and want our readers to enjoy our content. But the difference lies in how we do it; how we promote a brand we like, how we dress the same pants or the same dress, how we spend our weekends, and how we tell our readers about it. 

5.    You grew up in Durban, studied in Cape Town, and now live in Johannesburg. What motivated these moves? What's the difference between all these cities?
Hmmm, I didn’t have a choice about living in Durban since my parents decided that one. But Durban is home home for me (that’s not a typo; there are two “homes” for me!).  I moved to Cape Town because the University of Cape Town is a world-renowned university and one of the best law schools on the continent. And now I am in Johannesburg because I feel it’s a natural occurrence, a lot of people move to the big city after graduation because that’s where all the work is. I think Jo’burg is a great place to kick-start your career. 

6.    You definitely are a globe-trotter. Where is the one place you would encourage people to visit?
Oh my gosh, this is such a difficult question for me to answer! My gut says that everyone should visit New York City at least once in their lives. It’s the one place where judgement is put aside and it opens your mind and your eyes a lot! If you think you’ve seen it all but haven’t been to NYC, then you really haven’t seen anything! And the fact that the man of my dreams proposed in Central Park is just an added plus as to why I love NYC!

7.    How did you hear about #ProjectScouted and what do you think about the Project?
How can anyone NOT hear about #ProjectScouted?! It’s everywhere! I think it’s an absolutely fabulous idea! The fact that it is open to the public (girls only, obviously!) and gives everyone a chance at the modelling game is awesome! It really puts the modelling industry to shame, with their requirements of stick-thin models and minimal height restrictions. I think photography is an art and art at its most modern and dynamic form so this Project is great to showcase that art and talent at the same time. 

8.    What motivated you to agree to be one of the judges for the Project?
As a blogger myself and having to pose in front of the camera day in and day out, I draw inspiration from magazines, editorials and other bloggers. And I can honestly say I’ve become very interested in photography myself! I often find myself ooh-ing and aah-ing at beautiful images so this opportunity to be a judge is an absolute honour.

9.    Will there be any criteria you will be basing your judging on?
I think individuality is a big one for me; knowing and embracing what you have and playing that up. I think the beautiful thing about photography is that emotion can be captured so well so being able to show emotion in a photograph is also key to a beautiful image.

As you can tell, Mary Lu is one hell of a girl and the #ProjectScouted ladies could not have asked for a more perceptive and apposite judge. Knowledgeable about the industry, appreciative of different types of beauty, and passionate about helping boost others’ careers; Mary Lu will definitely not be making any faux pas during the judging. Make sure to check out Mary’s blog, Love Mary Lu, at, and follow her on Instagram @lovemarylu to see precisely why she is “not your average fashion-loving and globetrotting lawyer”.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The awesome #ProjectScouted sponsors – Jacqui Bannerman, owner of Make-up the College

Jacqui Bannerman, owner of Make-up the College in Morningside, is a driven and passionate individual especially when it comes to her work as a make-up artist and as a teacher in grooming her students. Her students, having been some of the make-up artists for the #ProjectScouted ladies last year in some phases, will be returning to put their skills to practical use whilst gaining invaluable industry experience – something Jacqui believes is of utmost importance. Read more about this mentor below.

1.    You must have been so proud of your students’ work at last year’s Project. But what motivated you to come on board again this year?
This is such a brilliant opportunity for my students, to get a feel of how things really work from an industry perspective. They get to see their work as part of a whole, that make-up is a small, but very necessary component in the bigger picture! It is a platform for them to showcase their capabilities; I can only be grateful & encourage my students to get involved! The students learnt a tremendous amount from being involved in this project last year, & it is ultimately the professional images that open doors for these students!

2.    How did you first get involved in the Project?
I crossed paths with a photographer who is involved with #ProjectScouted, Roy Esterhuysen, who has helped out with college shoots since I opened in 2012, & he introduced me to Lee.

3.    What do you think is the best aspect of #ProjectScouted?
It is all about discovering new talent! It is about creating opportunities for people, not sitting back & waiting for things to happen, but being pro-active! It is contributing to our industry! I am all about that!

4.    Do you have any advice for the girls in terms of keeping their skin looking fresh and clear for the duration of the Project?
It is very important to carry out a skin routine according to your skin-type! Do not venture into product overload when it comes to your cleansing routine! Keep make-up to a minimal when not shooting & do not ever go to bed with make-up on! At the end of the day, it is good nutrition that goes hand-in-hand with beautiful skin! Stay hydrated, up the water, & keep calm; it will show in your skin!

5.    What do you love the most about grooming new make-up artists at Make-up the College?
It is a beautiful thing to have a hand in someone’s path in life! I never take that for granted! The fulfilment is like no other! To see them start their journey into this crazy, beautiful industry is very rewarding & exciting for me!

6.    What do you think makes Make-up the College different from other makeup schools?
At Make-up the College, I teach from an industry perspective; how things are done in the industry, as this is what I know. Make-up is art, I teach very much from an artistic direction, as there are no processes or procedures when it comes to a “feel”, & make-up at the end of the day is a “feel”. Make-up application in itself is nowhere near enough to equip students. To be a successful make-up artist is a package deal, so we at Make-up the College focus on “the package” as a whole!

7.    What has been your most memorable experience as a make-up artist?
I still remember the very first TV commercial I did. The entire process of making a commercial “wowed” me. I was full of excitement & my love for the film industry happened then & there! I was lucky enough to have worked steadily in film & TV commercials from then on & my passion never died. I still love to be on set & I still to this day have the loyalty of that very same production company!

8.    What would you like everyone to know about the beauty industry?
The beauty/make-up/film industry is HARD WORK; there is nothing glamorous about it! It is an industry that commands perseverance, sacrifice, commitment, passion, & patience! There is no easy way to the top; like everything in life, it is what you put into something that will determine your outcome!

You can see the work of Jacqui’s students in the upcoming phases of the Project by following the Project’s Instagram account as well as the Lee Folkard Photography Facebook page.

Monday, March 9, 2015

#ProjectScouted kickflips into Phase Two

"Skateboarding teaches you how to take a fall properly. If you try to kickflip down some stairs, it might take you thirty tries - but you just learn how to take a tumble without getting hurt."
- Bam Margera

If you don't know that it’s there, you may stumble upon the Skate Park on the Durban Beach Front as if it were a desert oasis. But of course, the breathtaking Indian Ocean is only a few meters away making the Skate Park a perfect addition to the beachfront's attractions. This was our location for Phase Two of #ProjectScouted, where our ladies arrived in their all-black attire ready to make an impact. Even on a Sunday morning, the Skate Park was abuzz with activity; making it a perfect #ProjectScouted venue. Nilufer Yucel, our stunning Turk and Phase Two photographer, aimed to capture the essence of the skateboarding lifestyle during her shoot. Along with her brother, Yashar Yucel, also a photography enthusiast, assisting her and shooting some photos himself which can be seen on his Facebook photography page – Golden Spider Photography – Nilufer aimed to encompass the daring and intense aspects of the action sports practiced at the Skate Park.

Being quite a demanding first Project shoot to be shot by one of the official photographers, the girls had to put their best foot forward as only 40 ladies will be going through to Phase Three. This may seem like an intimidating number but it is also a portrayal of the gravity of the Project. Along the way the girls will learn to be able to handle difficult shoots, sometimes harsh weather conditions like the blistering sun on Sunday morning, and the often ferocious nature of the industry. Yet despite the girls being so focused on their goals for the Project, it was obvious that everyone present had an awesome time. Even the parents who accompanied their daughters were captivated by the talent showcased at the Skate Park – that of their daughters and the skateboarders.

The amazing #ProjectScouted ladies did not miss a beat. With the expert guidance of professional model, Iman Sheik, who will be mentoring the girls throughout their Project journey, along with some of the dedicated and motivated scouts, made sure the girls channelled their edgy and fierce personas to the best of their ability. With the Skate Park as their set, the girls had the freedom to experiment with their posing making for some extremely interesting and unique shots. Our #ProjectScouted videographers, Tayla-Rae Coetzer and Stefan Rust, were also in their element capturing the energy of the shoot and the park – the video of which will soon be shared on the Lee Folkard Photography page – along with the photographers who shot the behind-the-scenes action, all of which will have their awesome work shared on the Facebook page.

Proving their devotion to and love of the Project, scout and graphic designer, Helen Borg, and participant, Jamie De Bruine, even attended the phase on their birthday! The Project could never be possible without the aid of many hands; assisting in ways big and small, or even just dropping by shoots, making the Project the spectacular experience that it is. This is what #ProjectScouted is all about; an experience invested in by inspired people who aim to inspire.

Phase Three is already approaching next weekend and we want to see you there. You don’t want to miss out on this. The #ProjectScouted ladies are just getting warmed up, learning the tricks of the trade that will keep them producing excellent work. And as Bam Margera would put it; even if they take a fall, they will only come back stronger and hungrier.

Images used by: Golden Spider Photography