Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The awesome #ProjectScouted sponsors – Jacqui Bannerman, owner of Make-up the College

Jacqui Bannerman, owner of Make-up the College in Morningside, is a driven and passionate individual especially when it comes to her work as a make-up artist and as a teacher in grooming her students. Her students, having been some of the make-up artists for the #ProjectScouted ladies last year in some phases, will be returning to put their skills to practical use whilst gaining invaluable industry experience – something Jacqui believes is of utmost importance. Read more about this mentor below.

1.    You must have been so proud of your students’ work at last year’s Project. But what motivated you to come on board again this year?
This is such a brilliant opportunity for my students, to get a feel of how things really work from an industry perspective. They get to see their work as part of a whole, that make-up is a small, but very necessary component in the bigger picture! It is a platform for them to showcase their capabilities; I can only be grateful & encourage my students to get involved! The students learnt a tremendous amount from being involved in this project last year, & it is ultimately the professional images that open doors for these students!

2.    How did you first get involved in the Project?
I crossed paths with a photographer who is involved with #ProjectScouted, Roy Esterhuysen, who has helped out with college shoots since I opened in 2012, & he introduced me to Lee.

3.    What do you think is the best aspect of #ProjectScouted?
It is all about discovering new talent! It is about creating opportunities for people, not sitting back & waiting for things to happen, but being pro-active! It is contributing to our industry! I am all about that!

4.    Do you have any advice for the girls in terms of keeping their skin looking fresh and clear for the duration of the Project?
It is very important to carry out a skin routine according to your skin-type! Do not venture into product overload when it comes to your cleansing routine! Keep make-up to a minimal when not shooting & do not ever go to bed with make-up on! At the end of the day, it is good nutrition that goes hand-in-hand with beautiful skin! Stay hydrated, up the water, & keep calm; it will show in your skin!

5.    What do you love the most about grooming new make-up artists at Make-up the College?
It is a beautiful thing to have a hand in someone’s path in life! I never take that for granted! The fulfilment is like no other! To see them start their journey into this crazy, beautiful industry is very rewarding & exciting for me!

6.    What do you think makes Make-up the College different from other makeup schools?
At Make-up the College, I teach from an industry perspective; how things are done in the industry, as this is what I know. Make-up is art, I teach very much from an artistic direction, as there are no processes or procedures when it comes to a “feel”, & make-up at the end of the day is a “feel”. Make-up application in itself is nowhere near enough to equip students. To be a successful make-up artist is a package deal, so we at Make-up the College focus on “the package” as a whole!

7.    What has been your most memorable experience as a make-up artist?
I still remember the very first TV commercial I did. The entire process of making a commercial “wowed” me. I was full of excitement & my love for the film industry happened then & there! I was lucky enough to have worked steadily in film & TV commercials from then on & my passion never died. I still love to be on set & I still to this day have the loyalty of that very same production company!

8.    What would you like everyone to know about the beauty industry?
The beauty/make-up/film industry is HARD WORK; there is nothing glamorous about it! It is an industry that commands perseverance, sacrifice, commitment, passion, & patience! There is no easy way to the top; like everything in life, it is what you put into something that will determine your outcome!

You can see the work of Jacqui’s students in the upcoming phases of the Project by following the Project’s Instagram account as well as the Lee Folkard Photography Facebook page.

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