Saturday, March 14, 2015

The awesome #ProjectScouted sponsors – Cathy Vere of Hedgehog Party Service

Durban is a treasure trove. Think of all the awesome venues that #ProjectScouted shoots and events have taken place at and you will see that this is true. Upping our game from last year, this cycle of the Project sees us calling on the professional and unique services of Cathy Vere, owner of Hedgehog Party Service, to be a scout in her own right – a venue scout, that is.

Lee Folkard Photography: How did you hear about #ProjectScouted & how did you get involved?
Cathy: I've known Lee for years. As a Marketing Consultant for Barclays/Absa, Lee Folkard was one of our preferred suppliers. I have followed the Project from day one. Now that I have opened my own events company I can finally get involved. Lee invited me to be part of the Project in order to provide him with support.

LFP: What made you want to become a #ProjectScouted sponsor?
Cathy: I just want to share my knowledge and expertise and services. It’s also a great way to build on my business relationship with Lee Folkard Photography and also to network with other business owners.

LFP: How did you get involved in the events industry?
Cathy: I applied for a job as a Compliance Officer but my manager identified my strengths and skills in planning our head office functions. It wasn’t long before I became an Events Consultant for Absa Group Marketing.

LFP: What advice would you give to someone wanting to work in the events industry?
Cathy: Definitely invest in a short Project Management course. Find your niche and know your stuff! Keep updated with what’s in and what’s not. It takes more than just a love of a great party to succeed in this fast-paced field; you’ve got to have an eye for detail and an ability to handle constant deadlines and pressure.

LFP: What is the best part of your work?
Cathy: I love selecting food and décor with my clients, working with different people, and spending my days at cool venues instead of behind a desk. It’s also awesome conceptualizing with my client’s to bring their dream and ideas into reality and then watching the reaction of my clients at the event. Its great seeing the end product.

LFP: What is a typical day like for you?
Cathy: It’s incredibly busy, especially having two little ones! We have also just opened up a new store so I have been spending lots of time there. Juggling my family and upcoming events is lots of hard work.  But it all pays off at the end of the day.

LFP: With Durban being a relatively small city, how do you constantly find trendy, new venues for events?
Cathy: Social networks are my most useful tools. Print media is also very helpful. I tier my information according to clients’ requirements.
LFP: What criteria are you using when scouting for venues for the Project?
Cathy: I look at what the new generation is into these days. The 21st century girls and boys are always inventing a new fashion or trend. They have their regular "chill-out" spots that I've taken note of. Venues also need to enhance the week’s theme.

Like the Hedgehog Party Service Facebokpage to keep updated on all Cathy’s events and to also see the interesting venues she discovers for the various Project shoots and events. Don’t forget that Phase Three takes place this Sunday, 15 March, at Fairway on Northlands Pre-Primary with the theme “Let’s be kids again”, and we want to see you there!

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