Friday, March 6, 2015

The awesome #ProjectScouted sponsors – Bianca Van Aardt of Bianca Kim Clothing

Bianca Van Aardt, 26-year-old designer and owner of Bianca Kim Clothing, has a knack for mixing up contrasts resulting in designs that are unique and instantly recognizable. Drawing her inspiration from everything and anything around her, Bianca combines New Age culture and vintage elegance into her ranges which consist of her favourite styles of “biker meets rocker” and “Boho chic”. Her goal is for her clients to have an up-to-date look that is on par with international trends while keeping her ranges affordable, and so far she has succeeded brilliantly.

Lee Folkard Photography: How did you get involved in #ProjectScouted?
Bianca: Lee and I met at “I Heart Market” and we were both fascinated by each other’s work. He asked me if I wanted to be a part of this cycle of #ProjectScouted and I am honoured to be a part of it.

LFP: What made you want to become a #ProjectScouted sponsor?
Bianca: I love the concept, the idea, and the exposure Lee and the Project offer. I could never give up the chance to be creative and working on styling is one of my absolute favourite things to do, which I will be doing during my phase.

LFP: From what you know so far, what do you love most about the Project?
Bianca: I love how it is evolving so rapidly and how social media, especially Instagram, plays such a huge part of the process. It gives everyone involved a greater opportunity to get out there and be noticed.

LFP: How did you find your passion for designing and creating clothing?
Bianca: I’ve always had this creative passion for clothing and design. For me, inspiration comes from anywhere and even from the most unexpected things and places. I find inspiration from going on road trips, being out in nature, and from everyday life experiences. I also love looking at books and patterns and watching international trends. When I am inspired in these ways, passion automatically comes.

LFP: How long have you been designing?
Bianca: I started studying for my Bachelor of Arts in Fashion in 2007 but I have been designing and playing with fabrics as far back as I can remember.

LFP: What was the very first thing you designed and made?
Bianca: The first thing… Well, that is hard to say. In college, I designed a collection of three awful dresses in my first year. Haha! They were made of a sheer fabric with shirring elastic. Sometimes it’s so funny how fashion changes and even how our own style can change!

LFP: What is the most rewarding aspect of your work?
Bianca: I do love seeing a Bianca Kim Clothing design on a girl just walking down the street or at a music festival or concert. When I see my clothing on someone, especially unexpectedly, I get to appreciate my design and what went into it all over again. It’s truly one of the most exhilarating and rewarding feelings ever.

LFP: Would you like to share any info about your phase in the Project?
Bianca: The plans for the BKC phase of the Project are still in the early stages; all I can say is that it’s going to be incredible! The #ProjectScouted girls should definitely continue to bring their utmost best so they can make it as far as possible! #StayTuned

Check out Bianca’s website at for her latest ranges and look-books. Also follow Bianca on Instagram, @biancakimclothing, as well as the official #ProjectScouted Instagram page for the dates and venues of upcoming phases. As Bianca would say, “love and light”!

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