Monday, March 2, 2015

Surprise, surprise! #ProjectScouted introduces the wildcard entry

Something that has never been done in a Lee Folkard Photography Project before is going to shake things up immensely this year in Cycle 2 of #ProjectScouted. For the first time, there will be a chance for one of the eliminated girls to re-enter the Project as a “wildcard” entry and have another chance to prove her mettle. Ryan Francis, owner of Shoelaced Clothing, and an integral part in choosing the wildcard entry, tells us more about the process below.

Lee Folkard Photography: This is something completely different for the Project. Why was the wildcard entry introduced?
Ryan Francis:
The "wildcard" entry was introduced to give an opportunity to one girl to re-enter the Project. However, it's not just an ordinary call-back to take part in the Project again. It’s a special call-back at the most exciting time of the Project (even if I say so myself!), which is the Shoelaced Clothing fashion show. In my past experience in #ProjectScouted, sometimes girls have an "off day" and don't get to truly show their true and full potential. So this year we will change that. This year the girl that stayed involved in the Project once she was eliminated could stand a chance to be called back to give it a second try.

LFP: How many girls will be selected?
Only one girl will be selected!

LFP: What do girls have to do in order to stand a chance of being selected as the wildcard entry?
Like, Comment, Share!!! The girl that stays the most active on social media, helping to promote #ProjectScouted will be chosen as the wildcard entry. By all means, even attend upcoming phases.

LFP: Who will be choosing the wildcard entry and how will the girls be judged?
I, as designer of Shoelaced Clothing, will be keeping a close eye on all girls that have been eliminated from the Project while keeping the above criteria in mind.

LFP: When will the fashion show take place?
Phase Six – Saturday, 18th April 2015

LFP: Whet the girls' appetite a bit... What do you have planned for the fashion show this year?
Ryan: Hahaha! Well, the girls this year will be sharing the ramp with two amazingly talented professional male models and brand ambassadors of Shoelaced Clothing.

LFP: Any final pieces of advice for the girls or last words about the wildcard entry?
Fight for it because it’s worth it! Shoelaced Clothing is a young, unique clothing brand that is all about empowering and supporting local talent. And being a part of this amazing movement is priceless.

Well girls, there is no reason to lose hope! By following Ryan’s advice, your #ProjectScouted journey can continue even after you may think it is over. We wish all the stunning young ladies the best!

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