Monday, March 23, 2015

The #ProjectScouted Top 35 enchant in Phase Four

The #ProjectScouted crew didn’t mind at all coming out to Phase Four at Mitchell Park on Human Rights Day this past Saturday as Jessica Lee of Van.Go Photography brilliantly executed her “enchanted” concept shoot. The Top 35 ladies were put through their paces in Phase Three last week as they were photographed by Lee Folkard himself on a jumping castle at Fairway on Northlands Pre-Primary, and so were allowed a bit of a respite with this more casual, relaxed shoot in a laid-back setting.

The ladies arrived ready to have their makeup done by the talented graduates of Make-up the College once again; with bold, vibrant eye make-up and nude lips. Jessica’s inspiration behind this shoot was to have the ladies seem as if they were mythical creatures, completely of the earth but seeming as if they are far too beautiful to belong in this world. She aimed at helping the ladies channel their inner beauty and to express every little girl’s fantasy of living in a dream world. And she definitely succeeded, as her images will clearly depict.

With long pieces of fabric creatively draped over the ladies to reveal just enough skin to afford the images a sensual element but more than enough coverage to remain classy and elegant, the ladies were guided with their posing by Iman Sheik – our resident professional model – and Jessica as she bravely shot the girls from a ladder leaned against a tree. Jessica was every bit in her element and remained her mischievous and breezy self throughout the humid morning.

It was a morning of relaxation and socializing with Just Green providing the background score to the shoot, which is always a hit with the girls. Even the families and kids around the park appreciated the music as they were drawn to watch the shoot unfold.

Make sure to subscribe to our videographers’, Robbie Muller and Stefan Rust’s, YouTube channels to see the brilliant behind-the-scenes videos posted from each week’s phase. Speaking about the fun Stefan is having documenting the Project’s evolution, he said, “The Project has opened me up to Durban and has introduced me to so many creative people. It has especially been exciting having the opportunity to experiment with each edit.” These guys, as well as our Project photographers, have done a fantastic job so far of capturing the experience of each phase through their artistic work.

Our ethereal #ProjectScouted beauties will be afforded a two week break before the next shoot to regroup and reflect on their journeys so far as well as to improve their game before they come back for Phase Five. Only 25 of our 35 ladies will go through with the list being revealed within the week. We are in awe of these girls and everyone who has been involved in the Project so far! And this is just the beginning.

Behind-the-scenes images by Lee Folkard Photography

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