Tuesday, March 17, 2015

#ProjectScouted - Phase 4 Brief

Brief by Jessica Lee:

Photographer-Van.Go photography (Jessica Lee Van Goeverden)

Theme- Enchanted
Date and time- 21st March, 8am
Venue- Mitchells park, Morningside

This phase, I have chosen the theme enchanted, A chance for the ladies to channel their inner beauty and live in a day of every girls fantasy.


The hair should be curly with lots of volume, or in a loose plat accompanied by a flower crown which is optional.

Dress code- All girls must wear a boob tube top and hot pants - you will be provided with the garment when on location. 


I have gone with a very artistic approach for the makeup, Using a lot of colour over the entire eye and a nude lip. Girls must arrive with just their base colour on.
Make up will be done by: Make-Up the College (arrive with foundation on)


 The ladies will pose in different lying patterns on a bed of flowers, with the material spread out in creative ways.

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