Monday, May 23, 2011

Project One [ Group Shots with the Top 10 ]

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So yesterday I had the Top 10 Shoot with the Project One girls.
At 07:00 girls started arriving. I got to watch the sun rise - which is something I never tire of seeing.

A few shots of each girl were taken - with intent of using them to upload onto the Photography Page for Phase 2 of voting. Prior to this people were voting on pictures submitted by the entrants.

Each girl will get one image uploaded this evening at 17:00 and they will remain up for 7 days. At the end the girl with the most votes will take the prize!

I wanted to take a group picture of the top 10 girls to add to the original logo that i had made for the Project.
My inspiration came from one of my favourite tv shows - Lost. See below - I was pleased with result.

The shoot went well and it was great to meet ten beautiful people.

After the mandatory pictures - a few group shots were taken. See below:

What do you think? Awesome bunch aren't they? Anyways - They need your VOTE :)
See: Lee Folkard Photography Page for more details!

Some of the girls stayed after the shoot wrapped up and we took a few more fun shots. I will upload some at a later stage.

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