Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The importance of proper undergarments

I read a lot of blogs; photography, fashion, models, art; all things of interest basically.
I came across an interesting article on undergarments worn when doing a shoot or fashion show.
As I have encountered situations whereby the person I was photographing had worn very unflattering underwear - I figured let me share this with you all.

Article by: Rachel Jay | Chicago Modeling Examiner

One of the most common new model mistakes is not having proper undergarments, but proper undergarments are important for all models.

It is rare that a designer wants their garments modeled with visible panty lines, or bra straps showing, and it is rare that a photographer working on a project for a client (or for personal reasons) wants to see the same. Models need to make sure they are fully prepared when it comes to undergarments when they pack for a shoot, even if wardrobe is being provided.

To start, every model should have at the very least a nude thong, a nude bra, and a nude strapless bra, all seamless and properly fitting. Nude undergarments are essentials for modeling and ensure that the wardrobe looks best without a distracting bright color or crazy pattern peeking though. Sometimes, a look calls for that, but more often than not, it's a distraction and majorly takes away from the shot, because it's an amateur mistake (often made on both sides of the camera). Patterned bras and brightly colored panties should be left for lingerie shoots and personal use only.
A nude thong is also essential for wardrobe to ensure there are no visible panty lines. In most cases, it is preferable for a garment to hang as seamless as possible, and wearing a properly fitting thong (not one that digs in and causes additional lines at the hip) is essential to keeping undergarment lines to a minimum. And, of course, you want the thong to be nude to make certain no crazy colors or patterns show through.

In addition to a nude thong and the 2 nude bras, a black strapless bra might come in handy. Also, in some cases, the bra-less look might be called for, but a photographer or designer might wish to hide erect nipples. If this is the case, having a pair of reusable silicone pasties is helpful. They are easy to carry and can be tossed in a bag easily, which means they should also be a staple.

Having the proper undergarments, which fit perfect, ensure a model looks her best while modeling. Making sure she has these things is important, especially for new models, because being properly prepared will go a long way to help a new model build a reputation as a professional.

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