Saturday, February 7, 2015

Getting to know your #ProjectScouted scouts – Lyle Young

Lyle Young says that he has an eye for talent and he’s going to get a chance to prove that at this year’s Project by being a scout. Having attended many of the shoots and events last year and even having been a guest judge, there would have probably been a public outcry had he not been involved in this year’s Project. Lyle is also an intelligent guy – he’s a software developer and systems engineer – so you can be sure that he has a strategy already for taking his team to the end.

1.    How long have you lived in Durban? What do you love most about the city?
All my life really, although I stayed in Cape Town as well as Johannesburg in between. Nothing beats the weather and beaches.

2.    How did you hear about #ProjectScouted and how did you become a scout?
I was involved in Cycle 1 as a judge last year, thought I’d try out being a scout. You know, eye for talent and stuff.

3.    How does being a scout benefit you?
It doesn’t really benefit me, we do it #forthepeople

4.    What are you looking forward to the most in being a part of the Project?
Just the Project in general, hey. It’s exciting – working with the team, whom are close friends, meeting new people and making new friends that transcend the Project. Just seeing the variety of creatives that Durban offers is amazing.

5.    What do you think is the best feature of #ProjectScouted?
Seeing models grow in confidence from Phase One and watching how their presence in front of the camera becomes more captivating. And it’s also great for up-and-coming photographers, videographers, etc. to showcase their work.

6.    What qualities are you looking for in girls before you scout them?
I’m just looking for a diverse group, and the winner, runner-up and third place. They can fight for those positions amongst themselves.

7.    What will give your team an edge over the others?
There’s a certain Miss SA semi-finalist I can call on to help. Haha.

8.    If another scout stole one of your girls for their team, what would you do?
Politically correct answer: Girls need to be comfortable with their scouts, since the scouts are the one they need to confide in and seek help and advice. Just because you scouted them does not mean they are indebted to you.
Honest answer: Sabotage

9.    Which scout or scout’s team, as far as you know, do you see as your toughest competition?

10. If your team had a motto or a tag line, what would it be?
The greatest adventure is what lies ahead.

11. What is your team’s unique name and why did you choose it?
Because everyone needs a bestie.

Keep on the lookout on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to see how Lyle’s girls fare with #ProjectScouted kicking off on 28 February 2015 with Phase One and the launch of the Project.

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