Friday, February 6, 2015

Getting to know your #ProjectScouted scouts – Tamlyn Gabin

Tamlyn and Warren Gabin are going to be giving sibling rivalry a whole new definition at Cycle 2 of #ProjectScouted as they will both be fighting as scouts to have a girl from their team win. Tamlyn, a 19-year-old beauty, is currently in her second year studying towards a Bachelor of Social Science Degree in Marketing and Media. Tamlyn is also no stranger to #ProjectScouted territory as she was one of the stunners to make it to the Top 6 last year and so she will be able to guide her team with experience. There was no way she could say no to being a scout!

1.    How does being a scout benefit you?
I get to experience the competition from a different angle this time, going from being a part of the project as a participant last year to now being a scout in Cycle 2.

2.    What are you looking forward to the most in being a part of the Project?
I look forward to all the exciting new and unique shoots and just meeting people from all walks of life. 

3.    What do you think is the best feature of #ProjectScouted?
The best feature of #ProjectScouted is the growth you see in the girls as they progress through the competition.

4.    What qualities are you looking for in girls before you scout them?
I want girls who are really interested in the Project, girls with unique traits that will stand out from the rest, and girls with natural beauty.

5.    What will give your team an edge over the others?
I was involved in #ProjectScouted as one of the participants so I can give my girls personal advice.

6.    If another scout stole one of your girls for their team, what would you do?
I wouldn't make a big deal out of it, at least we both spotted beauty, and at the end of the day we are just a channel for the ladies to be involved in the Project, and no matter who scouts them, so long as potential is being scouted.

7.    Which scout or scout’s team, as far as you know, do you see as your toughest competition?
In all honesty #TeamBrotherBear because he is my brother! Got to be one step ahead of him and his team!

8.    If your team had a motto or a tag line, what would it be?
Haters gon' hate, potatoes gon' potate but #TeamTamz is gon' dominate!!!

9.    What is your team’s unique name and why did you choose it?
I like to keep things plain and simple, #TeamTamz is what’s up! It's one of my nicknames and I want the girls to feel comfortable in my team as I mentor them through their journey.

Show your support for your favourite teams by sharing their images on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and hashtagging the teams’ names as well as #ProjectScouted. Be on the lookout to see how Tamlyn’s team does with the Project kicking off with Phase One on 28 February 2015. Don’t forget that all shoots and events are open to the public free of charge.

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