Friday, February 6, 2015

Getting to know your #ProjectScouted scouts – Helen Borg

Twenty-one-year-old Graphic Design student at the Durban University of Technology, Helen Borg, has a special tie with #ProjectScouted this year. She is the designer behind the official logo of the Project that has been trending all over social media for the past few weeks. Finding herself completely at home with the other Project creatives, Helen plans on bringing sophistication and elegance to the Project with her team.

1.    How long have you lived in Durban? What do you love most about the city?
1. City Hall at night. 2. My University. 3. The beach on a Friday afternoon after lectures.

2.    How did you hear about #ProjectScouted and how did you become a scout?
Lee and I both share a creative flair and often discuss his Projects.

3.    How does being a scout benefit you?
I guess I’ll be developing my interpersonal skills by networking with good-looking and creative individuals. 

4.    What are you looking forward to the most in being a part of the Project?
Inspiring my team of girls to create beautiful photographic imagery with their personalities and body forms

5.    What do you think is the best feature of #ProjectScouted?
The goat

6.    What qualities are you looking for in girls before you scout them?
A sense of style and individuality

7.    What will give your team an edge over the others?
My creative background and direction behind/in front of the camera.

8.    If another scout stole one of your girls for their team, what would you do?
(Censored comment)

9.    Which scout or scout’s team, as far as you know, do you see as your toughest competition?
I haven’t been keeping track of the other teams.

10. If your team had a motto or a tag line, what would it be?
Young, wild, and desired.

11. What is your team’s unique name and why did you choose it?
#TeamMonroe – In relation to Marilyn Monroe’ - an iconic beauty

Show your support for your favourite teams by sharing their images on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and hashtagging the teams’ names as well as #ProjectScouted. Be on the look out to see how Helen’s girls fare with the Project kicking off on 28 February 2015 with Phase One and the launch of the Project. Don’t forget that all shoots and events are open to the public free of charge.

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