Friday, February 27, 2015

Just Green – Bringing the music to #ProjectScouted

No party is a party without music and every #ProjectScouted phase almost always turns into an event of note. #ProjectScouted is proud to present Just Green, the deep house DJ who will be bringing the vibe and setting the atmosphere while the cameras click and memories are made. He will also be playing this coming Saturday, 28 February, at #Hashtag Social Restaurant and Bar as the Project hits off with the launch and Phase One. Brother to Ryan Francis, owner and designer at Shoelaced Clothing – another integral role-player in the Project – Deon, aka Just Green, has a passion for DJ’ing that is clearly evident when he speaks about it.

Lee Folkard Photography: The name “Just Green”; where did that come from and why have you steered away from using the “DJ” prefix?
Just Green: My favourite DJ is Green Jnr. and he has been a big inspiration to me as a DJ. I have a similar style of mixing as him so I just thought that “Just Green” would be a cool name. He’s also a Durban guy.

LFP: Where did your love of music and DJ’ing come from?
Just Green: When I was about 15 or 16 years old, I just fell in love with music. I had a pretty tough childhood and music was what kept me going and started to inspire me. I come from “Wenties” where there’s a lot of gangsterism so music was also what kept me out of trouble.

LFP: Why did you veer towards deep house music?
Just Green: I found that deep house was like an escape for me. I found my happy place when I listened to deep house. I just love it and the way it makes me feel and that’s how I want people to feel when they listen to my music. If it wasn’t for my mentor Linda Jacobs though, I would probably have been an RnB DJ. Haha!

LFP: You play a lot of gigs for free. How come?
Just Green: I love the music and I think it should be accessible to everyone. I don’t like to charge for gigs. I also post a lot of stuff online for people to download for free because I just want them to enjoy the music. That’s what it’s all about.

LFP: What has been your proudest moment as a DJ?
Just Green: I opened a free DJ school in 2011 which ran until 2013. I wanted to reach out to kids, especially in bad areas. We went from using a little tin enclosure to being given a garage to use because it became a safe place for kids to have a good time and learn about music and DJ’ing.

LFP: What has been your most memorable moment as a DJ?
Just Green: I got to go on an international tour in 2013 with some of the best DJ’s in the business like Sahin Meyer and André Lodemann. These guys are my mentors and it was just an awesome experience for me, something I will never forget!

LFP: What makes you different from other DJs?
Just Green: I am completely old school. I still use the old school stuff and I still use vinyl records. I believe that when you DJ, the music should be in its purest form.

LFP: Creativity definitely runs in the family! What was it like growing up with Ryan?
Just Green: I just want everyone to know that Ryan started Shoelaced by cutting up my clothes! Haha! I am so proud of him and what he’s achieved! He was a cool brother growing up, super chilled, and he still is now.

Just Green is one of the humblest guys around and we are so keen for the music he will be bringing to us during the Project. If you needed another reason to join us at one (or all) of the phases, this is it!

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