Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Getting to know your #ProjectScouted scouts Nombuso Ngcobo

Just-turned-20, Nombuso Ngcobo, known to most as ‘Nom’, currently works as a makeup artist. Being a makeup artist, she understands the importance of a good first impression and the importance of taking care of one’s appearance. Given her line of expertise, she will no doubt be bringing some fantastic talent to Cycle 2 of #ProjectScouted in her role as a scout. And she will also be bringing lost of laughter and silliness (according to her)!

1.     How long have you lived in Durban? What do you love most about the city?
I've lived in Durban since I was 6. I love the laidback lifestyle and I semi-like the fact that everyone knows everyone, we're like a family and it's easy to connect with people here. I also love the beach, duh! But what I love the most are the views! Standing on a roof top, over-looking Durban is the most beautiful sight ever. Our harbour is so magical at night!

2.    How did you hear about #ProjectScouted and how did you become a scout?
I was following the Project on social media last year and thought that it would be cool to get involved this year. I love these types of initiatives and it can teach you so much. I just contacted Lee and I was like “I'd be good at this and I would also like to help with shoots”. So yeah, that's how I became a scout... I obviously made this sound pretty. Haha!

3.    How does being a scout benefit you?
It's giving me a feel of how hard being an art director actually is. Choosing the right face is so important.

4.    What are you looking forward to the most in being a part of the Project?
I’m looking forward to making new friends and being silly. I love talking so the more people I know the better! Haha!  But I'm also looking forward to learning new things and just seeing my team excel!

5.    What do you think is the best feature of #ProjectScouted?
The best feature, I don't actually know if this is a feature, is the Instagram aspect; I love Instagram and I'm so excited to see the great images shared and to share some cool stuff.

6.    What qualities are you looking for in girls before you scout them?
I'm looking for personality and willingness. I'm not just looking for a pretty girl who wants to do this for the pretty pictures or likes on Facebook. I want girls who want to be committed and will encourage each other.

7.    What will give your team an edge over the others?
My team has been carefully selected; it's going to wow everyone! I don't even need to explain! They have such unique looks. I love them! I want to BE my team. Haha!

8.    If another scout stole one of your girls for their team, what would you do?
That would never happen, my girls are so loyal and why would anyone do that?! I would type out an essay and rage at them and tell them to grow up! Hahahaha! But then I'd get over it because I know my team is going to win anyway.

9.    Which scout or scout’s team, as far as you know, do you see as your toughest competition?
I haven't seen a lot of the teams, peeps are very hush-hush. But I'm really scared to see what the boys are going to bring. It's going to be fun though!

10. If your team had a motto or a tag line, what would it be?
It would be something glam and high-fashion, I'm not sure yet.

11. What is your team’s unique name and why did you choose it?
We’re having a team meeting this weekend, like a team retreat but not as glamorous, so we will decide on a name then. I'm thinking #TeamVogue because they all look like supermodels.

Keep on the lookout on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to see how Nombuso’s girls do with #ProjectScouted kicking off on 28 February 2015 with Phase One and the launch of the Project.

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