Friday, July 18, 2014

The Brissett Brothers - Durban's Infamous Identical Twins to be a part of Phase Twelve

Chad and Keelan Brissett are probably the most well-known identical twins in Durban. Their modelling career has rocketed in just a few short years and this is no doubt thanks to their relationship with one another that has evolved into the #BrissettTwins brand.

            We got to know the brothers ahead of the #ProjectScouted Phase Twelve shoot where the twins will be posing with our Top 5 beauties in the "Day of the Dead" concept shoot shot by Jerome Stoffels.

            Lee Folkard Photography: Who is Chad Brissett without his twin brother?
            Chad: Chad Brissett is a young career-driven guy who enjoys the world of fashion as well as nature and all things beautiful. He is someone who enjoys all spheres of life and enjoys experiencing new things that he isnt accustomed too.

            Lee Folkard Photography: Who is Keelan Brissett wirhout his twin brother?
            Keelan: Well,  I'd say that I'm a very driven person who loves to keep busy and excel in everything that I do. I really love fashion and not just because I model but I just want to feel good all the time and quality clothing does it for me. I'm generally a very chilled, laid-back guy but I do have a wild, fun side which comes out every so often.

            LFP: What do you think about the "Day of the Dead" concept for the #ProjectScouted Top 5 shoot?
            Chad: I personally am a guy who enjoys more of the happy, fun style of shooting which is complete opposite to this shoot. But I believe its awesome to broaden your horizons so I think the shoot will be really fun and its always nice to try something different.

            LFP: How did you become involved in the #ProjectScouted Top 5 shoot?
            Keelan: #ProjectScouted has been trending everywhere and luckily enough I've had the privilege to meet and spend time with the talented Lee Folkard. I've seen him at all the big events and he is often with many friends that I know so it was bound to happen that wed work together. I'm very happy to be able to take part in #ProjectScouted, its also an ego-booster to have Lee Folkard want to work with us.

            LFP: What's it like being an identical twin?
            Chad: Its honestly the most amazing thing ever! People always say theres nothing like a mothers love for her child but I would say a twin's love is beyond the boundaries of love; its a connection that is unbreakable. My twin brother is my best friend, barber, stylist, psychologist, etc.

            LFP: What's the worst thing about being an identical twin?
       Keelan: In all honesty, there's not much I dislike about being a twin but the worst thing I'd say is if there's something available and there's only one of it, then Chad and I would have to fight over it which tends to happen more than I'd like.

            LFP: How did you form your own identity when you have an identical twin?
            Chad: Its quite hard for us as we are both so closely linked. But we do have different personalities as much as they are similar and I think once people have taken the initiative to get to know us they will realize we are different and do portray our own identities.

            LFP: Do you think that you and your brother will be able to carry the #BrissettTwins brand forward until you're much older?
            Keelan: I really do believe we will, weve just started building the #BrissettTwins brand and we have so many ideas and goals we want to achieve and that means pushing it through even until were older. The brand and name can never disappear as long as were alive so I'm almost certain wed find away to get the #BrissettTwins trending through the ages

            LFP: How did you begin modelling and how did the decision happen to market you and your brother as the #BrissettTwins?
            Chad: We started modeling about 3 years ago which we really loved. We created a strong bond with our former agent who helped catapult our career in the modeling world. We basically realized that us together was not just a team, but that we are a label which can be used to be marketed to the world. And people seem to be loving it so far!

            LFP: Is there any jealousy or sibling rivalry between you two?
       Keelan: We dont have jealousy or rivalry at all actually, we are however competitive with each other and want to beat each other when it comes to sport to campus marks, etc. This competitive nature is actually good because it keeps us pushing at a high intensity and grows us as people together.

            LFP: How are you and your brother different?
            Chad:  We are really not so different at all. I would say in terms of physical attributes, I am a bit taller and I have a beauty spot on my nose. But in other aspects I would say he is more of a neat freak as opposed to myself.

            LFP: Have you guys ever pulled a prank on someone or fooled someone?
            Keelan: Many times, but more so in our younger days. I remember we pulled an infamous twin-prank on a girl where we swapped clothes and she had no idea. The details I would have to share in person, though.

            LFP: What's the funniest/weirdest thing that has ever happened to you guys because you're twins?
            Chad: Well, we had exams and we wrote for each other before and it was awesome as we could study for one test less. Also when we get stopped by the police while driving, we sometimes use each other's license. (LFP: These guys definitely have a naughty streak!)

            LFP: What do you want the world to remember about you?
       Keelan: My humble nature and respect I have for all people.

            LFP: What's the one thing you want people to know about you?
            Chad: I'm just a really humble guy.

            There is no doubt that these guys, combined with our beautiful Top 5 models and Jerome's photography skills, are going to make our Phase Twelve shoot all the more memorable as #ProjectScouted draws to a close.

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