Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The #ProjectScouted girls go off the beaten path for Phase Seven

Our #ProjectScouted models deserve to be especially applauded for being such sports at all the photoshoots in the chilly weather that Durban has been having as of late. This Tuesday was no different; with the Top 9 girls in the competition so far, having been chosen from their images portraying vulnerability by Samantha Duckworth, braving the elements at the Phase Seven shoot in Umhlanga.

With the official Phase Seven photographer, Simphiwe Mkhwanazi, at the helm, the girls trekked on a bit of an expedition through a marsh near the Breakers hotel in Umhlanga. Dressed in their hippie attire, as per the brief issued by Simphiwe, who was aiming at a low-key but enchanting look with the girls appearing as if nymphs in the forest, the #ProjectScouted models did affably well to shake off the cold and channel their inner free-spirits. This phase of the Project appears to be less demanding than the others in terms of wardrobe and styling, but the girls still had to be at their best to capture the whimsical and capricious spirit that every girl possesses.

Many parents and other family members came along to make an outing of the shoot which started with the girls getting their make-up done once again by the talented students of Make-up the College at the BTW in Umhlanga, where everyone also got their caffeine fix and some of the models enjoyed pizza for breakfast. The #ProjectScouted ensemble at the restaurant was quite a sight – everyone is relaxed in each other’s company and although this is a competition, there is not even a hint of rivalry or bad-humour. Seeing these girls grow through each phase is what the Project is about.

With many of the models still being at school and it currently being the school holidays, the photoshoots are scheduled to take place in short gaps with one girl being eliminated in each round until the Top 3 are chosen. This means that although one girl being cut at each phase does not seem threatening when it comes to each girl’s chances of making it through to the next phase, it is also going to be extremely difficult for our judges to make their decision. But the #ProjectScouted girls are extremely fortunate as they are getting the opportunity to work with the photographers involved in the Project on more than one occasion and they are getting brilliant images to add to their portfolios in the process.

The images shot by Samantha for Phase Six at Essenwood Park were incredibly beautiful on so many artistic levels that the girls were treated to a large print of their photos which they received at this Phase Seven shoot. The images from the Project continue to defy expectation and exceed limits. The #ProjectScouted team – and everyone who has been involved thus far, from the models themselves, to their parents, the scouts and the photographers – are extremely proud of the manner in which the Project has been executed and know that what they have created, are creating, and will create throughout the Project is nothing short of amicable.

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