Monday, July 7, 2014

Tabloid Newspapers' Se-Anne Rall, the guest judge of Phase Six

She doesn't seem like a conventional journalist when you meet her, but Se-Anne Rall, who regularly rubs shoulders with the rich and famous, is fast becoming one of the most popular names in print media with regular features appearing in the Tabloid Newspapers. She's also the face behind some of the fantastic print media coverage that #ProjectScouted has been getting and now she has taken on the new task of being our guest judge for Phase Six.

            This time, Se-Anne was the one answering the interview questions.

            Lee Folkard Photography: Who is Se-Anne Rall?
            Se-Anne: Se-Anne Rall is fun, quirky, not scared to say what everyone thinks and never takes herself too seriously. She is a mummy to the best 3 year old ever and she is also the most amazeballs sister and daughter. She likes the beach (but not sea sand), cold weather, Woolies lemon cheese cake and popcorn. She loves fashion and photography. Oh, and she is a stand-up comedian on a bit of a sabbatical right now.

            LFP: How did you hear about Lee Folkard Photography and #ProjectScouted and how did you become a guest judge for Phase Six?
            Se-Anne: I met Lee a while ago through work when he launched last year's Project and I fell in like with the concept. I had come by to the Phase Six shoot and Lee asked if I wanted to be a guest judge and I said yes. I think all my #lurking paid off!

            LFP: Having been at the Phase Six shoot at the Essenwood Park, what did you think of the concept of the shoot and of the girls?
            Se-Anne: The shoot at Essenwood Park was very creative. It was an 'out the box' concept and I thought the photographer did really well. The girls were on point and most followed instructions to the tee.

            LFP: What inspired you to become a journalist?
            Se-Anne: When I was 8, a family friend asked what difference I wanted to make when I was older and without thinking twice I said "by being a journalist". My parents taught my siblings and I to be strong-minded and independent thinkers, so my decision never wavered. I enjoy the adrenalin rush of my job and where it has taken me so far.

            LFP: What advice would you give to anyone wanting to become a journalist?
            Se-Anne: If this is what you want to do, prepare to work hard before you see your name out there. Many youngsters are ill informed and rock up ready to rule the world with no common sense whatsoever. It takes hard work, determination and balls of steel to be in this industry. You can't allow anyone to bully you but you must remain teachable.

            LFP: What has been the highlight of your career?
            Se-Anne: I got to interview Julio Iglesias and I have met some of my favourite stand-up comedians. I also get to attend a few premier events.

            LFP: Do you think competitions like #ProjectScouted are relevant or beneficial for young girls?
            Se-Anne: Yes! Yes! Yes! #ProjectScouted offers the everyday girl a taste of the modelling world and a chance to pursue a career in the field. It brings out their confidence because judges are not looking for perfect girls, or at least what the media portrays as perfect girls.

            LFP: Do you have an idea of what you will be looking for when judging the girls' photos?
            Se-Anne: I will be looking for a girl who looks at the camera and you see her innocence and realness. Her personality must shine without her having to try. Just a girl who is confident and natural.

            LFP: You must have some funny stories from your job. What's been the most interesting or weird story?
            Se-Anne: I get the weirdest calls. Last year, a woman called and wanted me to do a story on the fact that bald men could get sick when it rains because somehow the water gets into their brains. The other was a few weeks ago when a guy called to tell me he could be related to Naomi Campbell - the model! He was watching the Victoria Secret fashion show and thought he and Naomi had the same skin colour!

            With Phase Seven on the way and our Top 9 having been chosen, Se-Anne, Lee, Jerome and Samantha no doubt had great difficulty cutting even just one of the girls. The images shot by Samantha Duckworth, who is a part of the resident judging panel, will be released on her Facebook page soon; the images revealing the softer, vulnerable sides of our beautiful #ProjectScouted girls.

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