Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Lieché Joyce – One of the #ProjectScouted Top 3

She might be only 19 years old, but when looking into Lieché Joyce’s eyes when photographed, there is a deepness and a poignancy that is rare even in those who have experienced much more of life. There is great power in her images, many of which have won the Best Image prize during the Project, and she has managed to keep up her high standard to now make it to the final three girls.

We found out more about this girl with the enviable afro who is currently taking a gap year, modelling, and, according to her, starting a company and writing an anthology of poetry.

LFP: When Lieché walks into a room, what does she bring with her?
Lieché: Mystery.
LFP: What makes you different from the rest?
Lieché:  I'm extremely deep, I'm abstract, I never follow the crowd, I'm very quiet at first as I tend to observe people though once someone gets to know me I'm extremely talkative, random and I love to laugh a lot.

LFP: What was your first ever modelling experience?
Lieché:  It was last year when I was with Mobile Model Management.

LFP: When have you been most satisfied in your life?
Lieché: After having made a life changing impact in someone's life.

LFP: If we meet a year from now, what do you see yourself having achieved?
Lieché:  I'd be studying Sociology; I would also have a company started and doing well. I'd be modelling too.

LFP: Who scouted you to be a part of #ProjectScouted and how do you know them?
Lieché: Cameron Clothier, we know each other since high school.

LFP: What has the experience of being a part of #ProjectScouted been like from being scouted at the very beginning to now being in the Top 3?
Lieché: It has been the most humbling, challenging and life changing of experiences yet.

LFP: Did you expect to come this far in the Project?
Lieché: No, it has really been a pleasant surprise to have made it so far despite having doubts along the way.

LFP: If you could choose the winner of #ProjectScouted, who would it be and why?
Lieché:  Sarah; she's gorgeous, has a great personality and will respect #ProjectScouted well.

LFP: If you could do something differently in the Project, what would it be and why?
Lieché:  I'd change nothing, I know I've done my best and had a great time doing it.

LFP: How has #ProjectScouted impacted your life? What are you taking away from the Project?
Lieché: It has shown me that there is more to life than that which meets the eye. Never take anything or anyone for face value as there's always a deeper story behind the ones we assume. Always be yourself no matter what.

LFP: What have you learnt about yourself from being a part of the Project?
Lieché: That I can actually go beyond the limits which are self-created and concur all that I set my heart and mind to.

LFP: What was the highlight of the Project for you?
Lieché: Meeting everybody who has been a part of the team as I've learned a lot from each individual which I'll carry for life. 

LFP: Tell us something about you that will make us remember you.
Lieché:  I'm the best Pixie ever... On a more serious note, I thrive on making a difference in education and people’s lives as well as being the best example for my younger siblings to look up to.

After thirteen beautiful and nerve-racking phases, #ProjectScouted has come to an end. The images from the last concept shoot, shot by Jerome Stoffels Photography and Roy Esterhuysen of Firsthouse Photography, will be uploaded onto our Facebook page on Wednesday the 23rd of July and the final results will be released on Friday the 25th. It has all come down to this.

See images from Lieche''s journey in #ProjectScouted below:

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