Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sarah Thompson – One of the #ProjectScouted Top 3

She might be the youngest girl in our Top 3, but Sarah Thompson knows that she’s a feisty package even in her small frame. A born and bred Durban girl and currently a grade 11 pupil at St. Henry’s Marist College, Sarah has been the firm favourite of many throughout the Project. Her striking green eyes, inviting smile, and strong posing are only just some of the qualities that got her into the Top 3.

This is what Sarah, whose warm and classy demeanour has lightened up the shoots at #ProjectScouted, had to say.

Lee Folkard Photography: When Sarah walks into a room, what does she bring with her?
Sarah: Hopefully laughter and a smile to people’s faces, I love to make people happy!

LFP: What makes you different from the rest?
Sarah: I have serious determination and drive, if I want to achieve something I work hard to do my best.

LFP: What was your first ever modelling experience?
Sarah: When I was about 12, I modelled for a small clothing line.

LFP: When have you been most satisfied in your life?
Sarah: To be honest, right now! Things have just been great lately!

LFP: If we meet a year from now, what do you see yourself having achieved?
Sarah: Don’t you worry; you’ll be hearing a lot more of this name! I love to act and be on stage, so hopefully by that time I would have done more shows and be working towards fulfilling my dreams of being an actor!

LFP: Who scouted you to be a part of #ProjectScouted and how do you know them?
Sarah: Dakota Baptist, she scouted me through Facebook.

LFP: What has the experience of being a part of #ProjectScouted been like from being scouted at the very beginning to now being in the Top 3?
Sarah: Going into this, I had no idea what to expect. I just thought I’d go for it and have a bit of fun. Never would I have imagined it turning out to be the most amazing journey! It’s been an absolute pleasure and I’ll never forget this experience!

LFP: Did you expect to come this far in the Project?
Sarah: To be honest, not at all! When I first started the project I didn’t think I had a chance, but as the competition went on I really got into it and strived to do well.

LFP: If you could choose the winner of #ProjectScouted, who would it be?
Sarah: My two other competitors really are beautiful girls, inside and out. But nonetheless, this is a competition and I’m in it to win it!

LFP: If you could do something differently in the Project, what would it be?
Sarah: Perhaps take a bit more risks, in the way I posed and dressed.

LFP: How has #ProjectScouted impacted your life? What are you taking away from the Project?
Sarah: This project has opened my eyes to how much work really goes on behind the camera. I’ve learnt so many new skills and met some insanely talented people!

LFP: Have you learnt anything about yourself from being a part of the Project?
Sarah: It goes without saying that this competition has made me more confident but it has also taught me to always stay true to myself and my beliefs. 

LFP: What was the highlight of the Project for you?
Sarah: Being in the top 3 of course, what a privilege!

LFP: Tell us something about you that will make us remember you.
Sarah: Dynamite comes in small packages!

After thirteen beautiful and nerve-racking phases, #ProjectScouted has come to an end. The images from the last concept shoot, shot by Jerome Stoffels Photography and Roy Esterhuysen of Firsthouse Photography, will be uploaded onto our Facebook page on Wednesday the 23rd of July and the final results will be released on Friday the 25th. It has all come down to this.

See images from Sarah's''s journey in #ProjectScouted below:

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