Monday, July 21, 2014

Samantha Jones – One of the #ProjectScouted Top 3

Samantha Jones has been one of the most captivating young ladies in #ProjectScouted. It’s her dazzling brown eyes, her full lips, her fiery mane of hair, and her unconventional style that has mesmerized the judges and won fans throughout the Project.

Currently studying Psychology at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, she’s a laid-back, easy-going kind of girl – qualities that come in handy when working in the modelling industry. That being said, it was probably these very same qualities that aided in Samantha coming so far in the Project to make it to our Top 3 girls. She works hard while appearing to not work at all and then she blows us away with her stunning images.

Learn more about this 20-year-old, who was born and raised in Hillcrest, from our Q&A session with her.

Lee Folkard Photography: When Samantha walks into a room, what does she bring with her?
Samantha: Laughter, I hope. I think a sense of humour brings light to any situation.

LFP: What makes you different from the rest?
Samantha: I’m possibly the most uncompetetive person you will meet. I’m very laid-back and just take things as they come.

LFP: What was your first ever modelling experience?
Samantha: Hmmm... I took a few modelling lessons when I was about 10.

LFP: When have you been most satisfied in your life?
Samantha: In those small and seemingly meaningless moments when I’m just spending quality time with someone who means the world to me

LFP: If we meet a year from now, what do you see yourself having achieved?
Samantha: Who knows?! Every day is an adventure! But hopefully I’ll be involved in something exciting.

LFP: Who scouted you to be a part of #ProjectScouted and how do you know them?
Samantha: Jami scouted me. I was her waitress at Taco Zulu, where I used to work. She spotted me at the sushi bar.

LFP: What has the experience of being a part of the Project been like, from being scouted at the very beginning to now being in the Top 3?
Samantha: It has been so much fun! Who doesn't like having a selection of awesome pictures? I have met so many cool people, I have become more comfortable in front of the camera and hopefully I can take the skills I have learnt into a future modelling experience – if one comes about.

LFP: Did you expect to come this far in the Project?
Samantha: I did not know what to expect. All the girls were so beautiful and unique. I just tried to enjoy every phase as the Project progressed.

LFP: If you could choose the winner of #ProjectScouted, who would it be?
Samantha: I wish all 3 of us could win! But I have to be honest; once I saw that MAC gift bag I was sold! So I would love to win. I love MAC!

LFP: If you could do something differently in the Project, what would it be?
Samantha: I would bring music along to the shoots! Simply because I enjoy it and I also think it helps set the mood and helps the models relax in front of the camera.

LFP: How has #ProjectScouted impacted your life? What are you taking away from the Project?
Samantha: I am taking away a new set of skills and some new friends. Win!

LFP: Have you learnt anything about yourself from this experience?
Samantha: I have learnt that I can do anything with the flu!

LFP: What was the highlight of the Project for you?
Samantha: Hmmm, it’s hard to say but I loved Phase Twelve! I loved the makeup and the photos!

LFP: Tell us something about you that will make us remember you.
Samantha: Three facts about Sam Jones:
I’m a cat lover (slightly obsessed),
I’m a hopeless romantic,
And... I can fit my whole fist in my mouth (party trick!).

After thirteen beautiful and nerve-racking phases, #ProjectScouted has come to an end. The images from the last shoot will be uploaded onto our Facebook page on Wednesday the 23rd of July and the final results will be released on Friday the 25th. It has all come down to this.

See images from Samantha's journey in #ProjectScouted below: 

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