Saturday, July 19, 2014

#ProjectScouted celebrates life at the "Day of the Dead" Phase Twelve concept shoot

Looking at the Factory Café from the outside, one may not think that on the inside there is a world of olden charm and rustic eclecticness waiting to be discovered. The café houses aged machinery and all sorts of antique collectables which add to the ambience and atmosphere of the setting which is further enhanced by their award-winning coffee. The café generously allowed the twelfth phase of #ProjectScouted to be shot on location, which was the perfect set for us to shoot our Top 5 girls in the "Day of the Dead" concept thought up by Jerome Stoffels.

            With the Project now being twelve phases in and with only one more phase to go until we choose our winner, the #ProjectScouted team thought it was time to step it up a few notches. The girls, so far, have posed and worked on their own. But this phase saw us introduce two male models, the Brissett twins, into the mix for the girls to experience what it is like shooting with other models. The Brissett twins are an awesome pair to work and never did their energy or patience waiver as the shoot went on for the most part of the day. They brought fresh charisma to working with each girl and their posing was always on mark doing justice to their exquisite makeup. These guys are definitely ones to watch as they take their #BrissettTwins brand forward and Lee Folkard Photography was extremely grateful to have them on board. You can read more about these identical twins on our blog.

            Jerome is a maverick when his camera is in his hands, giving his undivided attention to the subjects he is shooting while still allowing for them to experiment with and explore the theme on their own. Of course, model and guest judge in the Project, Iman Sheik, has also become our resident director; offering her expertise to the girls and giving them the reassuring guidance to get that perfect shot. Roy Esterhuysen of Firsthouse Photography and Blush Boudoir and Simphiwe Kevin Mkhwanazi of Streetpulse Photography also made quite a duo in expertly assisting Jerome to get the lighting perfect. Its one of the most entertaining things to listen to photographers talk about the technicalities of the trade. Through trial and error; Roy, Simphiwe, and Jerome turned the Factory Café into a production set where breathtaking art was created.

            This phases's concept could not have been a success had it not been for the mezmerizing skill of makeup artist, Charelle McAllister, of Makeup by Charelle. Everyone on location was captivated by the precision and attention to detail that Charelle works with and it was an amazing experience to get to watch her in action. The models were transformed into gothic but beautiful creatures within a few hours. It was Charelle's craft that brought the "Day of the Dead" theme to life. To attest to her talent, she hasn't done this kind of makeup in ten years and didn't do a trial before the shoot, but no one would ever say so when looking at the images.

            Teaming up with Charelle on hair was Kezia Myatt of Make-Me-Up, who created simpler but gorgeous hairstyles for the girls to compliment the dramatic and powerful makeup. These ladies have brought such value to the Project and their talent has left us all awe-struck.

            There were many interested onlookers who also came by, along with guest judges Lyle Young and Se-Anne Rall of the Tabloid Newspapers who also brought her adorable daughter along to the shoot. Family members, parents, siblings, and even models from past year Projects and past phases of #ProjectScouted came by to show their support and soak up some of the magic that was present on location. Without these brilliant people, the Project could never have been such a success.

            Everyone involved in #ProjectScouted has turned into a family and the shoots have become events that we all look forward to spending our days at. Having spent so much time together, there's undoubtedly melancholy lurking beneath the surface of all the excitement because it will soon come to an end. No matter who the winner turns out to be, we all walk away from this 2014 Project with amazing and wonderful experiences and memories. We have all grown in our own crafts and specialities whilst also growing as individuals and friends.

images by: Simz (One of our #ProjectScouted photographers) 

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