Tuesday, July 15, 2014

#ProjectScouted : Phase Eleven : Brief

In the words of the photographer:

Hola, welcome to the brief...

This round we will be taking the ladies to new heights.

Thursday 17th,

Hair and make-up will be done by the lovely Charelle and Kez, who have been briefed on the required looks. Charelle will be giving each of the models a time slot. 
Times start from 10:00am.
10:00AM - Lieche & Taliya
10:30AM - Toni & Sarah
11:00AM - Samantha 
Venue for hair and make-up will be Charelle's home. Address will be SMS'd to you. 
Since we are invading the private space of our make-up artist we are limiting attendance during the make-up and hair sessions to behind the scene, bloggers and those directly involved with project scouted. Please refrain from additional spectators - this is much appreciated. 

We leave to head to the location at 2:00pm sharp. The location is just past Collisheen in Ballito, but we can all drive in convoy from Charelle's place. If directions are needed don't hesitate to ask.

Models - please wear strapless nude bras (if needed) and dark leggings to cover your bottom half, the rest of the outfit will be provided. Strictly no heels or slops, sensible flats only - your feet wont be showing - this is to help with balance. Bring a gown or robe to wear before and after, nothing over the head please.
Please DO NOT wash your hair the night before and DO NOT put a straightening iron to hair. 
Jewellery - big bold chunky necklaces, layers, arm bands, bracelets, big is better.
I have attached some poses to inspire.  This round you need to think about shapes, gestures, intention and emotion. A serious "bored" look just aint going to cut it. Practice your posing on a high stool or on your bed. 
Balance is key.
Please no prima ballerinas.
Remember, this is all in the arms, hip and waist.

If there are any questions, please feel free to holla in my direction. 
Look forward to meeting everyone this thursday.


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