Saturday, July 19, 2014

#ProjectScouted : Final Phase : Brief

The theme for the Top 3 is: Ethereal Fashion

This round will be a Mangrove Swamp collaboration shoot between Jerome Stoffels & Roy Esterhuysen where the Top 3 will get full length and close-up images from both photographers

We will be meeting at Durban Surf Lifesaving at 10am this Sunday. Why Durban Surf? Well the view is awesome and the Coffee bar is one of the best in Durban.

Hair & Make-up: 10am – 12:00
Hair will be styled by Kezia (extremely talented with hair styling) & The makeup will be done by Charelle of
Make-up by Charelle (Amazing and flawless make-up in our opinion)

Dress fittings: 12 - 12:30
Fashion designer Larisa from Larisa MODA will be dressing the top 3 in her beautiful summer range that was displayed at SA Fashion week as part of Lufthansa’s 1st best collection competition.

12:30 we will leave Durban Surf for the Mangrove Swamp, where we will be shooting the Top 3 on the Walkways and in-between the mangrove trees from 13:00 – 15:30, we will need to limit the amount of people to the final shoot, due to the delicate balance of the mangrove eco system & everyone needing to stay on the walkways. 

If you would like to come please let Lee know, so that we can confirm if there is enough space for you.

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