Friday, July 11, 2014

#ProjectScouted : Phase Nine : Brief

In the words of the photographer: 

Hectic City
Time: 07:00 AM
Meet point: Royal Hotel  (267 Anton Lembede St)

Ayt ladies lets step it up a little bit..
Okay here's whatsup, we going for a classy fashionable stylish business woman. 
So that means gorgeous dresses, heels a bit of jewelry and purse (no handbags)

Cool so we going to be roaming the city a bit and luckily we shooting on Sunday so it's going to be less busy. You see the business woman is always in a rush, time is of the essence to her yeah? So ladies please portray this in your outfit choices
Your poses should show attitude, classy independent woman.Like you know your story and aint nobody can tell you different Hope this is making sense.

Okay lets look at some essentials
Hair: should be a bit straightened.

outfits : okay classy short dresses(long dresses will just collect dust while walking), 

I've attached loads of images below as to illustrate the type of shoot and the size of dresses you should go for.

Okay if you have any questions let me know.. If possible if you can send me two options of your outfit choices on facebook inbox.

ayt sweet lets do this for the people. 

PS if you can't walk in heels, you have a couple days to practice hahaha

kind Regards

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