Friday, July 11, 2014

Old-world glamour meets an old Durban at #ProjectScouted Phase Eight

"What counts more than style is whether architecture improves our experience of the built world; whether it makes us wonder why we never noticed places in quite this way before."
                                                                                    - Ada Louise Huxtable

            Some of the best images are created when different elements are combined to create an alchemy of beauty. At the Phase Eight photoshoot, the official photographer for this phase, Jessica VanGoeverden of Van.Go Photography, thought up the concept of fusing old-world Hollywood glamour with an edgy urban twist.

            The shoot took place just outside uShaka Marine World in an abandoned building along the Point Waterfront. Durban is a city saturated with history and much of this history has its foundations in the buildings and architecture within it. The Phase Eight photoshoot captured this history, which unfortunately now only remains mostly in rundown and dilapidated buildings, by juxtaposing their rawness and sharp edges with the soft, ethereal beauty of old-world Hollywood glamour. Lee and Jessica even went a mile further to give the images a unique ambience by carrying the props to the location themselves; their dedication to the Project being completely admirable.

            Hollywood glamour of the Fifties and Sixties cannot be created without the hair, make-up and wardrobe to match. The graduates of Make-up the College were on location bright and early once again to create this look for the girls, who interpretted the theme excellently with the appropriate hair and outfits. Photographers Roy Esterhuysen of FirsthousePhotography and Blush Boudoir as well as Nilufer Yucel joined the group with Nilufer capturing the behind-the-scenes pics that has gained quite the following on Facebook. Mums, sisters and brothers - who we are always thankful for as an extra pair of hands is always appreciated at a photoshoot - also joined the #ProjectScouted models.

            It is definitely a bonus that our #ProjectScouted ladies are a group oozing class and sophistication, making it quite natural for them to portray the message of the photoshoot - that despite the kind of situation or circumstance a woman might find herself in, her poise, grace and elegance has the power to outweigh even the harshest surroundings. The official #ProjectScouted photographers have produced a brilliant and highly creative body of work throughout the Project; from selfies and sassy-sporty to a live fashion show and now vintage glamour. At Phase Eight its hard to imagine how the Project could get any better but estimating from the work so far, there's no way that it can't.

            Phase Nine with the Top 7 girls will take place this coming Sunday with the theme and location soon to be announced. The shoots are open to anyone who would like to come along and watch the magic happen. Keep an eye out for the images and don't forget to comment, like and share on Facebook. Spread the #ProjectScouted love because #WeDoItForThePeople.

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