Sunday, July 13, 2014

#ProjectScouted : Phase Ten : Brief

In the words of the photographer:

Brief for top 6.

This round will be an extremely physical and mental challenge.

We will be starting off at 10am with Makeup at Fego Cafe in Durban North, we will then go to Endless Horizons Hotel at 11am where Larisa of Larisa MODA will be dressing the models and we will be taking images on the pool deck followed by underwater images in the pool (this is not a heated pool & will be an extremely cold challenging part of the shoot)

The images in this post are posing ideas, please choose 2-3 of these and practice them in your head and try practice them on the floor or in your bed. We can give direction and shoot above water, but when we go under we can only shoot.

Lee will also be taking Polaroid images on the deck

What to bring:
Jewelry - bracelets, earings, necklace (make sure you happy with this jewelry going underwater.)

Costume - bikini with strapless top (bring two color options if possible) also please not bright colors 

Towel - bring a nice big warm towel 

Further prep: on Sunday run a bath with just cold water and climb in or jump in your pool if you have one so you can get an idea of what you in for.

*NB: As a bonus gift to all the ladies that have made the top 6 I will be gifting each of the ladies and their mom's a mini blush boudoir shoot after the top 5 have finished on Thursday. (This is optional for the ladies and their mom's that would like)

Blush Boudoir is my bespoke photography business where I offer the opportunity to capture the essence of who you are.



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