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Charelle McAllister - #ProjectScouted’s (makeup) artist

One of the most talented and demanded makeup artists in Durban, Charelle McAllister of Makeup By Charelle, is as stunning as the makeup she creates on the faces of others. Faces are blank canvases for art to her and we got to know this artist better in our Q&A session with her as well as getting some expert makeup tips.

Lee Folkard Photography: Who is Charelle McAllister?
Charelle: My full name is Charelle Cassie McAllister. I love dancing A LOT, meeting new people, networking, creating art, hugging my friends, dark chocolate, red wine, animals, modelling, funky House music, and adventure. I'm inspired by nature and colour and, of course, I love beautifying men and women! I feel absolutely chuffed, motivated and inspired by how beautiful a person feels after a pamper session. It is so rewarding to be the contributor of that extra skip of confidence in someone.

LFP: What was your inspiration to become a makeup artist and how did you start off?
Charelle: I have always been fascinated by makeup and how it transformed or enhanced one's features. I remember as a child watching my mother apply her makeup (my mother wears makeup every single day and always looks good!) and being so excited about the bold red lip! On most Christmases, I can remember buying my mother a red lipstick or some sort of eyeshadow.
Another member of my family, my gran, who is known as 'Ouma', was a massive part of me using makeup as well, as she once bought me a complete makeup set which I would use colouring in the faces of my cousins and poor brother for dress up. So maybe being a lover of makeup was always just there. I was the friend doing my friends' makeup in the bathroom when it was time to go off to a party in my later high school years too.
That moment when everyone was like ''So what are you going to do after you leave school?'', I always answered, ''Makeup!'', without even thinking twice.
Ten years later, I'm loving it even more!

LFP: How did you become involved in Project Scouted and what motivated you to be a part of it?
Charelle: I was on a shoot doing makeup for a talented designer and label, 'Larissa Moda', and Lee was doing the photography for the shoot along with Jerome Stoffels. I had such fun with these two! As the day went on, I heard of Project Trinity and a while later I was contacted by Lee inquiring about my services for a model he was shooting for the Project. I became involved as a sponsor for the Project towards the end phases and absolutely loved being involved. So naturally, I offered my expertise for this year's Project Scouted!

LFP: What is your favourite type of makeup to do or occasion to do makeup for and why?
Charelle: My favourite type/style of makeup to do has got to be Avante Garde, hands down! I just absolutely go MAD for colours and creativity and love to play with textures, lashes and boldness. It's like creating whatever my mind sees or feels at that moment on a face. I love freedom to play! Personal projects are my best, as the style is my own and I don't have to stay with a brief.

LFP: Any tips or everyday makeup tricks that ladies can use at home?
©        For ladies who battle with puffiness and dark circles around the eyes; MAC's Fast Response eye cream is such lifesaver. If you tend to have late nights, oversleep or suffer from puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, it's a go-to quick-fix to reduce puffiness and concealer can be applied smoothly over it for a bright, fresh look. Even a good eye gel kept in the fridge for speedy results is good.

©        For those who battle with enlarged pores; a good primer with a silicone base to smooth over and fill pores is great. Not only does it help with reducing the appearance of pores, but it acts as a primer which is a must for the longevity of your foundation and makeup. And why not just go for one that contains an SPF too to protect your skin! My favourite is MAC'S Prep n' Prime Skin Base Visage (Silicone) and the Prep n' Prime CC (Colour Correct) Neutralise SPF 30. This baby helps reduce redness and you'd probably find you won't need to use as much foundation.

©        For those who battle with 'lip bleeding' or fading lip colour; be sure that your lips are conditioned well. Maybe start with conditioning your lips and moving on to the rest of your makeup. By the time you return to do your lips, dab off the excess moisture of the conditioner with a tissue and lightly apply either your foundation or concealer over the lips and lightly powder or dab. Fill in your entire lip with your chosen lip pencil and then apply your lip colour over. Blot again with a tissue and reapply if necessary. For best results, try using a lip primer as well, this also helps smoothen the lips' surface and lock in colour.

©        If you have had a rough night and need to look presentable, always keep eye drops handy to brighten the whites of the eyes and stay away from using pink and purple tones. They only make you appear tired and they enhance swollen, puffy eyes and redness. Rather opt for fresh vibrant tones with a slight highlight in the inner corner of the eyes and upper brows. White eye liner is amazing too.

LFP:  As a makeup artist, do you think a face has to have certain features or a certain look to be attractive?
Charelle: As an artist, a good bone structure is always great to work with. In saying this, it does not mean that if you don't have visible chiselled jaw lines and cheek bones that you are not attractive. Everyone carries their own kind of beautiful and an artist's job is to bring that out!

LFP: What is the average day like for a makeup artist?
Charelle: Quotes, emails, quotes, invoicing, washing brushes, driving from one private client to the next or rushing to a shoot on location or in studio, resetting the GPS to the next destination. Well, this is on a busy day!
On a quiet day; housework! And washing brushes and sorting out the kits.

LFP: If you wrote an autobiography, what would the title be?
Charelle: Shoooo weee! Right now to think of one title for my own biography is quite challenging. Maybe one day in a few years time I'll know myself better to sum my life up into a title. But for now, I'm just Charelle Inspired.

Check out Charelle's work on her Facebook page, Makeup By Charelle, as well as her artistry featured on last year's Project Trinity winner, Samantha, and on the ladies in the later stages of #ProjectScouted to come.


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